3. Love Poems

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Phoenix seeking Huang. Piano Song

There is a beauty, see it do not forget. A day does not see, think like crazy.

Phoenix fly soar, the Sihai seek Huang. Helpless beauty, not the east wall.

I will speak the language of the Qin Dynasty and write my own words. What is more and more Xu Xi, comfort me wandering.

May the words be matched by virtue, together with the hand. Not to fly, to make me perish.

More people Song

I ask XI Xi Samuel boat mid-stream,

Today is the day to join the prince with the boat.

Shame is good freedom from guanxi shame.

The heart of a few annoying and not knowing the Prince.

There are wooden trees in the mountains,

The heart Yue June Xi don't know.

The Bald Yin

Hang Zho Wenjun

Ai such as snow on the mountain, jiao if clouds between the moon.

Shu Jun has two meanings, so he will refuse.

Today's bucket party, Ming Dan Ditch head.

Myeongdong Station asasfor groove, ditch water things flow.

Desolately desolately, marrying no need to cry.

may the heart be bent, and the bald will not be absent.

Bamboo pole What curl, fish tail He Hing!

Man is a heavy-blooded, what money knife!

A Distant car

Song van

The car is far, the horse is building.

June Tour Dongshan Dong Jidong, Ann Fenfei to westerly.

May I be like a star like a moon, every night is bright.

Month dark, star keep your.

Ryumin to month, 35 total Ying.

3. Love Poems

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