30 days, Quick introduction "8.15 Jinan Station"

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Event Overview

Date: August 15, 2015 13:30-16:30

Location: Shandong University Feng Qi Teahouse (Shandong University Center Campus North Gate 18th East Corridor one floor)

Organizer: Apicloud, ant Patrol

Website: www.apicloud.com

Fee: Free

Video live: Feng Qi teahouse (live address see below)

Event background

The advent of the mobile internet has set off a wave of app startups. Among them, the hottest entrepreneurial field is not the same. In the face of the blowout-type app business, fast one step is to win the king. In this event, Apicloud will introduce a fast and efficient mobile application development model to help entrepreneurs reduce development costs, shorten time to market, quickly realize mobile projects, occupy the market!

With the rapid popularization of mobile internet, mobile phone applications are becoming more and more important. Ant Patrol as a simple and practical operation and maintenance products, in order to carry out the characteristics of the product, in the initial app development process really moved a lot of brains. Activities, the Ant patrol will give you a comparison of many app development framework and development platform after the experience, tell us how to save development costs, but also to achieve rapid iteration.


13:30-14:00 sign-in (can receive small gifts)

14:00-15:20 apicloud:30 days, Quick introduction

15:20-15:30 Rest

15:30-16:10 ant patrol dimensional plane platform app Rapid development plan

16:10-16:30 Interactive FAQ (lottery)

16:30 End of event

Registration method


Beautiful Gifts

Keynote speakers

Apicloud Special lecturer Liang

Deputy Director of Network Information Center, Qilu University of Technology. National Senior career instructor, entrepreneurship consultant. Web full stack engineer, advocating application-oriented Internet technology.

Ant Patrol Technical Director Wu Xiaolong

Wu Xiaolong, Massachusetts Institute of Engineering, Stanford University (has not been), 5 years of work experience, as a web designer, front-end development engineer. Is now the Shandong Ant Patrol Network Technology Co., Ltd. App technology leader, planning, design and based on Apicloud developed ant patrol dimensional plane platform app.


Venue Location Enquiry Tel: 18363069261 Wang Tian Tian

Activity Organization

Video Live Address

PC side: http://www.phoenixtea.org/cms/base.do?m=player&v=index&pid=24

Mobile: Http://www.phoenixtea.org/eduliveconfig/playVideo.do?sceneId=471&reftype=place&sceneType=0

30 days, Quick introduction "8.15 Jinan Station"

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