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Although Facebook is now the largest social networking site, other sites in the social networking arena are also not to be underestimated. To get a glimpse of the dynamism of the various well-known social networks, we used Google Trends to analyze some of the major social networking sites and list 29 sites with 1 million independent visits per day. Although the amount of independent traffic is not representative of the number of users, but at least we can see from this data the site's active and popular degree.

It should be noted that this statistic is based on Google trends through its own algorithm, so there may be some discrepancy with the actual traffic. First, let's take a look at the approximate status of these 29 sites and the number of independent visits to the day:

From the above we can probably understand the following points:

1:facebook has claimed that half of the users log on to the site every day, and from the above we find that the number is not exaggerated.

2: For the second Orkut. We have mentioned in the article "How big is Google," which belongs to Google, the main flow from Brazil and India. But the gap with the first place is quite large.

3: The most lost should belong to MySpace, ranked only in the 12th place. If you drop a bad one, there should be another friendster, and it's a list of millions.

4:facebook's traffic is staggering, adding up the traffic to the other 28 sites, less than 2/3.

Here we have an independent analysis of each site:


It should not be too much to introduce. From the chart above, we can see that Facebook's daily traffic makes all the other websites look the same. And this is just a website visit, Facebook currently has 600 million users, of whom 200 million often use mobile phones to log in. The data will be even larger if the user who logs on to the phone is added. As we can see from the image below, Facebook's daily visits are still growing steadily. was born in 2004.


Google's first product in the social arena, though it says it's a total failure, is still a big part of the flow. Orkut is still very popular in Brazil and India, and the number of visits continues to rise. was born in 2004.


Everybody knows about it, Ma's possessions. Thanks to QQ's Super desktop share, Qzone sat on the third chair, but the overall flow fluctuation is relatively large. was born in 2006.


Also do not need to introduce too much, we see the introduction of these several sites have enough. Twitter's data should be unfair, as many people use a variety of client apps to post messages instead of landing on Twitter, which is not counted. was born in 2006.


From the Russian social networking site, for students and old friends groups. (Odnoklassniki is the meaning of the classmate). was born in 2006.


A business social networking site, recently more popular, I believe that many foreign trade friends have to use. was born in 2003.


It is also a social networking site in Russia, often known as the Russian version of Facebook. was born in 2006.


A social networking site in Latin America, founded in Russia, is also popular in France, Italy and Spain. was born in 2006.


The first social networking site in Japan is also the oldest social networking site on the list. The meal has been OK, down the Mixi. was born in 2000.


Many people think that Flickr is just a simple photo-sharing site, but Flickr also provides a very rich social function, which is defined as a social networking site in Wikipedia. was born in 2004.


A relatively old global social networking site, in Thailand, Mexico, Romania and Peru more popular. was born in 2003.


Hehe, the pioneer of social network, the glory of the past cannot get rid of now desolate. The downward flow of traffic has exceeded the angle of 30 degrees. was born in 2003.

Nasza Klasa

A social networking site for schools and graduates from Poland. (the site is called "Our Class"), as can be seen from the picture, this station from the beginning of last year suddenly popular. was born in 2006.


There's a cloned version of Facebook from a social networking site in Spain. was born in 2006.


The most popular social networking site in the Netherlands was born in 2004.


Facebook's China clone is currently preparing for an IPO, but the flow trend is consistent with my personal judgment on the domestic social networking site. was born in 2005.


The social networking site can not describe, the only feature is rubbish everywhere, advertising clusters, do not know how long to survive. was born in 2004.


The Argentine social networking site, which has two versions in Spanish and Portuguese, has significant traffic from Latin American countries and Spain. was born in 2004.


A social networking site from South Korea, the Chinese version of the competition I network, I believe many people know that it also has a branch in Vietnam. was born in 1999.


A social networking site aimed mainly at young Europeans is lukewarm at the moment. was born in 2003.


An older social networking site, founded in the United States but now in Russia. was born in 1999.


The second but most original version of the Facebook China, and the domain name lawsuit with the oak has been continuing. was born in 2008.


A social networking site in Germany, a bit like MySpace, has the name meaning "who knows who". was born in 2006.


The social networking site, primarily for Latin American users, was born in 2007.


Watercress, a popular social networking site in China, featuring book reviews and reviews, attracts a large number of loyal users. was born in 2005.


StudiVZ, a social networking site for European college students from Germany, is a bit like Facebook (Facebook has sued the station for appearances and features in 2008), while Meinvz is an English-language version of the station, targeting the public.


From France, when it was born in early 2002, it was a free blogging platform and transformed into a full social networking site by 2007.


Do design friends should be familiar with this site, is a very famous designer exchange website. was born in 2000.


IWIW is actually a "International who" abbreviation, from the Hungarian social networking site. The birth of the 2002 was called "WiW", meaning the same, but less "internationalized".


1: Many users of the site is accessed through the mobile phone, so this statistic is only through the browser access to the Web site statistics.

2: The World of social networking is now Facebook. The success of Facebook lies not in its social life, but in its openness, which should be open and integrated into all the functions that allow people to engage in any other network work at the same time in the social process.

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