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Wordpress users are happy. There are always many people sharing various WordPress tutorials. For fear that text tutorials are not intuitive enough, some people have created some video tutorials to help some users. The following are some WordPress video tutorials covering theme development and customization, site management, Getting Started Guide, and the use of some WordPress plug-ins.

WordPress theme development

1. WordPress Design

A video tutorial on designing and processing WordPress (CSS-tricks) from Chris coyier, including a series of three departmentsArticleFor more information, see sections 2 and 3.

2. Create a WordPress template

It is also a tutorial series (Part 2 and part 3), using a text editor like mamp (developed on a local machine) and textwrangler) this is a different free tool to create a WordPress template.

3. WordPress tips

This video includes several useful WordPress theme custom tips and tips.

4. Use WordPress as CMS

Learn how to create a WordPress site with CMS [content management system, such as Drupal and joomla] features, not just a blog publishing platform. For example, simplepie WordPress plugin.

5. install Wordpress locally

For development and testing, learn how to use Wamp to install Wordpress on your local machine.

6. How to modify WordPress theme

In this guide, you will learn the theme template tags frequently used in WordPress [theme template tags]

7. Add a Twitter field to your form

Learn how to install and set the WP twitip ID plug-in to integrate Twitter into your Wordpress blog site

8. How to customize a header in your Wordpress blog)

Replace the default WordPress header with the custom header so that you can quickly start using your Wordpress blog

9. Create your first widget

This video guide shows you how to create a theme widget for Wordpress.

10. How to Create a WordPress plugin

Learn how to create a WordPress plugin that complies with the WordPress plugin development guidelines


11. How to install prettyurls on WordPress

Learn about permalinks through this video tutorial (including how to set permanent links on your WordPress site)

12. Set the member/user directory in WordPress

This video shows you how to create a member/user directory list page in the WordPress management background to display member information.

13. forgot password and updated user information

This useful guide teaches you how to do this when your password is lost.

14. Enable https for WordPress

Learn How to Use https to improve WordPress security.

15. Best practices for upgrading WordPress

Upgrading WordPress is a simple task, but you should consider some additional steps before handling a major upgrade (it is better to back up your WordPress database) this tutorial shows you how to install Wordpress through a secure upgrade.

16. Blog migration, change your domain name

If you need to migrate your Wordpress to another location on your server or web host, you need to refer to this general guide on how to reconfigure your existing Wordpress blog.

17. Import and export WordPress data

A screen recording guide for input and output of WordPress data.

18. Wordpress blog management background settings

Get useful WordPress management settings to help you properly manage your Wordpress blog.

19. WordPress user rules

In the WordPress site, you can assign some user roles to Members. This guide tells you how different these user roles are.

20. Use the Google site map generation plug-in to create sitemap for WordPress

Use Google sitemap plugin to improve the blog's search engine results. This guide shows you how to install and set this plug-in.

21. Getting started with WordPress

This Guide provides a general introduction to blog writing and Wordpress.

22. WordPress installation and theme Guide

Start and run WordPress installation and learn the basic WordPress theme materials.

23. How to upload a PDF file

This short video tutorial is useful for Wordpress users who need to share PDF files to readers.

24. Photo description [photo captions]

Describe the description of the photos displayed in post. This tutorial will show you how to add instructions for the photos in blog posts.

25. Edit simple pages in WordPress

Guides beginners to edit a page in the WordPress management background.

26. How to create an image album in a blog post

This guide teaches you how to post image albums in an article

27. html and quicktags and visual editor

Learn how to use the visual editor (WordPress built-in WYSIWYG editor) and HTMLCodeWhat is the difference between content editing.

28. Create a database for your WordPress Installation

Creating a database is one of the first steps to install Wordpress. This video tutorial shows you how to use phpMyAdmin to create a database for Wordpress. phpMyAdmin is a free web application tool for most shared hosts.

WordPress tools

28. Use Windows Live writer

Install Windows Live writer for Wordpress. You can enable the bloggers to post articles offline.

30. How to Use the Firefox plug-in to post Wordpress blog articles

Use scribefire to make posting easier, and use the Mozilla Firefox browser plug-in to speed up blog article updates.

30. Excellent WordPress video tutorials

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