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Of course you may not be good at it now, but I'm sure you'll find them used in your future projects!.

Nivo Slide Block

There is no doubt that this plugin is the world's most awesome jquery slider picture, with over 15 transitions.

Anything Slider

Any slider from all the most versatile sliders. you can add absolute things from video to simple text and images, which is awesome.


Slides are, based on minimalist jquery slide plug-ins. packed with a set of useful features to help novice and senior developers create elegant and user-friendly slides.

jquery's Cycle plugin

The jquery cycle plug-in supports many different types of transition effects of the slide plugin. It supports hover pauses, automatic downtime, automatic adaptation, front/rear callbacks, click Triggers and more. It also supports, but does not require, mitigation plug-ins.

The roundabout of jquery

The roundabout is a jquery plugin converted to a highly customizable interactive zone turntable with static HTML element structure.

Awkward Showcase

Awkward showcase display is a JavaScript framework for jquery plug-ins. we call it a content slider. but it can do more than just the content of the slides. For example, you can add ToolTips to make thumbnails, activate dynamic heights, and more.

Kwicks for jquery

Kwicks jquery works like an accordion and looks with some images and headings.

jquery's Slide deck

jquery's slide site ' most powerful jquery slider plugin.


Each site navigation should be clear, clean and interactive, so there are some plug-ins to beautify and every site looks good.


Superfish is an enhanced suckerfish menu of jquery plug-ins, with existing pure CSS pull-down menus (so normal demotion does not have JavaScript), and add animation effects. A very popular plugin is used for millions of sites that you can use for your site as well.

Multi-level CSS menu for jquery

This is a multi-level horizontal use of the common nested HTML list created by the CSS menu, and then becomes a drop-down menu of full-featured use of CSS and jquery touch drop. submenus slide into and out of view, which also automatically reposition itself if too close to the right edge of the window.


The Jbreadcrumb plugin is a collapsible and interactive trace, which is handled in a very deep, verbose-named Web page. use traces on your site because your visitors have more control over browsing, which is a good thing.

jquery's Super Pull-down menu

In the jquery pull-down menu plug-in mega drops take any standard HTML nesting list and turn them into horizontal large
Menu. Some basic CSS style mega menus can be used to create unique and visually appealing any site navigation.

jquery's Vertical Mega menu

This plugin can create a standard HTML nested list of large vertical menus that allow the user to view all available menu options for each top-level menu item. Perfect use of ecommerce sites.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery needs to be good-looking, flexible and interactive, requiring unpacking. There are a few plug-ins that fit everything you need. Photography website, product display or personal photo, your name.


This is a terrific plugin. I like it so much. Super Large is a full-screen background slide, built using the jquery library to transform your site into a veritable photo slideshow. If you're a photographer, you need to be super big!


The square is a JavaScript picture gallery frame jquery library above. The goal is to simplify the process of creating a professional image gallery for web and mobile devices.


Prettyphoto is a jquery-box clone. it not only supports images, it also supports video, Flash, YouTube, IFRAMEs and Ajax. It is a complete blown lightbox media. If you want to customize a bit, it is easy to set, but very flexible. Plus scripts are compatible in every major browser, even IE6.


Slideviewer is a lightweight (3.5Kb) jquery plugin that allows you to instantly create a picture library that writes several lines, such as an image of an unordered list of HTML.


FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, HTML content and multimedia in a Mac-style "Lightbox" float page overtop.


Colorbox is a lightweight, customizable Lightbox plug-in with 1.3 to 1.6 jquery. is exactly like FancyBox, so where do you choose from.

jquery Filter Plugin

Filter, categorize and reorder things, which is a good way to implement in a Web page. even for a portfolio, or an ecommerce store, this plugin will save you a day!

The Quicksand plug-in of jquery

Quicksand is a jquery plugin that allows you to reorder and filter with a good shuffle animation item. amazing effects and versatility are very popular thanks.

HTML5 Portfolio

This is not a plugin that is actually a terrific tutorial on how to build a beautiful HTML5 combination of jquery and Quicksand plug-in power supply step by step. you can use it to showcase your latest work, it is completely customizable, so potentially you can expand it to do more.

Filtering Blocks

Filtering blocks's works are well integrated into an E-commerce site. It builds a sales project and you can start using your own online store.


Isotope is a fantastic layout for the exquisite jquery plugin. It has many features, many filtering effects, layout and sorting options.


These plugins will help you turn into a more dynamic static site, so don't hesitate to try.


Tipsy is a jquery plug-in that creates a tool-tip effect similar to Facebook based on the title attribute of an anchor tag.

Cufon fonts

Cufon is not very plug-in, is actually a service that allows you to transform any font into a JavaScript file and implement it to any page. This means that you can use the site not only as a standard font (Arial, Georgian) but any font you want. This is a cool service, if you use it, you are a step ahead of perfecting the website construction.

HTML5 jquery's music player

do you want to fit into some music sites? grab the plug and enjoy it!

circular Content Carousel

This is a simple circular turntable with unlimited slides. If you click the "More" button, a content panel will be opened.


Leanmodal is a simple jquery plugin, It creates a modal window for your link. If you need a custom login window and want to make it look nice, you should try Leanmodal.

jquery authentication plugin

this jquery plugin The simple client side forms the validation trivial, while providing a large number of options for customization. This is also a good choice if you are building new things from scratch, and when you try to incorporate existing applications there are a lot of existing tags.

animated text and icon menu

This is a flashy menu hover pretty animated feature. The does this so that some elements slide out, change and animate the background color of the item, and then use the element in a different color.

jquery news Beijing time

from BBC News website stock Inspiration, The jquery News of the newscast brings a stock of lightweight, easy to use jquery messages.

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