30 things done silently by successful people (1-3)

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The first important thing: list three most important things every day

Truly successful people manage things instead of managing time, determine what is your life and what is most important in your work, write them on paper, remember them, and insist on doing so every day. If you get into the habit of listing "the three most important tasks that must be done on the day", you will get more benefits each day.

Whether at work or in life, you must have the skills to do things. You must take things into consideration and take care of them first, and then follow certain rules and orders. When you want to do something, you must first do something valuable.

Work list:

Add a serial number, standard, and term to list the items to be done on the current day.

Learn to schedule:

1. List the things to be done on the day, so that even if there are many things, they will not be missed.

2. Sort the tasks of the day by important programs and assign them to specific time stages for completion.

3. If you want to solve the problem, do one thing well and leave it aside.

4. Try not to insert temporary things into the plan

5. If today's task is not completed, it will never end work.

The second important thing: Get to the company 10 minutes earlier than others

It's not just a matter of time but a matter of attitude.

Dial your watch

Setting the table speed is to let the "wrong time" tell you the correct information: Hurry up, or fail, so as to urge yourself to work hard!

In this world where most people are walking slowly, if you want to succeed, you do not have to go forward. As long as you maintain a normal speed and do what you should do, then you are already outstanding. Because they are "retreating" relative to the normal speed, they are too lazy and can't stand the pressure to escape. As long as you stay there, you will be "A saint.

Third important thing: a few seconds before opening your mouth

The workplace is also an arena. It is changing and the environment is dangerous. Everyone may be your opponent, either a good partner or a sudden face change. The more exposed you are, the more likely you are to be attacked.

The old saying goes: "Too many words must be lost" means that too many words will inevitably lead to mistakes. The important reason is not too much words but less thinking.

The focus of the speech is not much, but the speech is just right. The ending is only embarrassing and embarrassing for the lord himself.

The suggestions are as follows:

1. God gave us two ears and one mouth, that is, let us listen more and speak less.

2. When you want to talk about it, you must first determine whether you should say it or not.

3. When you have to talk about it, consider it clearly and make it mature.

4. think clearly and be mature.

In the conference room, we 'd better not say:

1. It is better not to talk about salary in the office. It is easy to cause conflicts between employees, or even conflicts between employees and the boss. It will be hard to clean up in time.

2. It is best not to intercept the secrets of colleagues or bosses in the Office. The Office is the place where work is not the place where complaints are made.

3. if you complain or complain, do not say that you work overtime every day without overtime. The boss is not doing well. The company is not well-paid ;...

4. Do not reveal your ambitions. Those ambitions are what they say to themselves, family members, and friends.

Think twice

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