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1, from early busy to late ability but did not improve, this is why.

From morning till night, overtime to late, suddenly looking back, and your position is still in place, set the goal, despite the full effort, but still not finished; have been working hard for you, feel busy, but the ability has not been much improved ...

If you have a similar problem, it means you are experiencing a career bottleneck. If you have been unable to break through the ego, you can only stand still.

This is because, as the content of the work changes, your original knowledge system and skills have not matched, the new environment and changes in the adaptability of not enough to cope with the rapidly changing work.

It's like building a house, you need to lay down the foundation, build a knowledge frame, and then you can cover it up layers.

corresponding to the software testing work: The concept and theory of software testing, Web front-end knowledge is the foundation, it is the foundation of your career, and software testing tools or framework is a skill, is the framework of the House, solid foundation, skill balance, this building can continue to cover. So you can only solve these problems, your career development to a higher level, into a new phase.

2, why there are "bottlenecks." How we will break through the "bottleneck".

These questions, the American study counselor, entrepreneur Briceño at Ted's speech is inspiring. He not only pointed out the problem, but also provided a set of effective solutions.

Briceño found that the bulls were so powerful because they were able to switch in two areas of their lives deliberately. One is the learning area and the other is the execution area.

The learning area is used for learning. In this area, we have to do is to learn, try, update, feedback, summary, reflection, so as to continuously improve their ability.

The execution area is our daily work. For example, testers track bugs and programmers write code.

The two areas are well understood. If you are now a rookie software tester, your leaders are constantly arranging you to test a new project after another, you work hard every day, training skills, a few years later, your software testing technology more and more proficient, here by the way the software Test career development line:

From primary test engineer → Intermediate test engineer → senior Test engineer → senior test engineer;

Primary test engineer → Intermediate test engineer → Advanced test development engineer.

Primary test engineer → Test leader → Test Manager → project Manager → project director;

Primary test engineer → quality assurance personnel → quality management personnel.

However, with the rapid development of the Internet, the IT industry has changed rapidly, new technology will continue to appear, your proficiency in software testing technology quickly obsolete. Slowly, you will find that the previous technology has been unable to cope with more and more complex projects, what should you do?

At this time, you only have to learn the new technology of software testing industry, learning a little more about the programming language, in order to deal with the changing industry trends, to achieve better development.

At the same time, our ability has not been promoted because of fear of failure and risk, we have been in the implementation area, gradually, we have turned life into a implementation area, only to cope with day-to-day work, ignoring the learning area of reflection, feedback, improvement and progress.

After working in a post for a few years, one's ability will stagnate. This has been confirmed in our software testing industry. The reason for this is that once we think we can do a good job, we stop spending time and energy in the study area and devote all of our time to the work, and the completion of the work does not keep us progressing.

However, the execution area is not worthless. When we are in the execution area, although we have to avoid making mistakes, it is impossible to make no mistakes. Mistakes are also feedback, and we can grow from mistakes.

Therefore, the way to constantly improve themselves and make themselves more powerful is to switch between the learning area and the execution area, to train the relevant skills purposefully, and then to apply these skills to the execution area.

In a word, the longer we stay in the study area, the greater the promotion. Therefore, if we want to break through the ego, we should increase the time of learning area.

3, how to break through the "bottleneck" of the development of life, to obtain greater promotion.

One, you want to walk out of the comfort zone, dare to toss themselves

We all know that the most exercise ability is often a tough project. If you're doing everything you know every day, it's hard to grow.

Expert research shows that only practice in the learning area is most effective. So get in touch with unfamiliar areas and try some challenging tasks to make yourself feel less comfortable.

For a software test engineer, if you are familiar with the manual testing and testing process, you can learn the automated test based on tools, automated testing based on tools, you can learn the language of Python, for the future development of automated scripts to lay the foundation.

In this way, the software test each module has a certain understanding, teamwork will be more smooth, you have a lot of things will change the view, the pattern of doing things is also very different. If you keep the things that you will, one day you will zuochishankong.

Second, focus on deliberate practice

Deliberate practice, in fact, from "skilled" to "clever" conversion method, for a person's ascension is very important.

Psychologists have found that many successful people are using a "deliberate practice" approach to improve themselves.

They focus on "secondary skills"-that is, less good skills, learn about them, and then get promoted through learning, feedback, adjustment, and professional guidance.

Through this practice, their skills have been improved.

Or take our software testing, if you want to learn the interface test this technology, you spend 40-50 minutes a day, focus on targeted learning and practice, so in less than three months you can well Master interface test this technology.

This is the meaning of deliberate practice: to strengthen our short plate, so that the balance of skills, so as to continue to build up the building, into the new heights of life.

Third, find a high man to point the way

So, how to find your own short boards and problems. This will require expert advice.

Han said a word: "Maybe your limit, is just the starting point of others." "Sometimes, high man's word, than we have been groping for years."

When you get into trouble, you need to be in the way. An expert can point out the hidden flaws in your existence, and tell you that the current state is a necessary process to relieve your confusion and confusion, and to point out the right and proper direction of your efforts.

So, where is Gao man?

You can look in the industry, the side, the Internet. Today is an information-based society, as long as your intentions, you can find a satisfactory answer.

This high man, can be a person, can be a book, also can be a high-quality 51testing software Testing Industry survey report, it not only provides the industry salary reference for the software testers, but also provides the prospective demand status and forecast analysis of the test field, as well as the career development plan, Cover from the grassroots level to the test management positions at all levels, according to the survey report you can also understand the development of the entire industry last year, peer technical level, the company Test team development trend. Only in-depth understanding of the entire testing environment, in the overall grasp, from the macro consideration, can be more clearly aware of their areas of expertise, will have a broader career development path.

2017 has passed, the software testing industry has undergone a year of change, the software test in the torrent of you, is currently satisfied with the workplace environment. What is your salary level? What changes have been experienced by your company's Test team. You are not in sync with this industry up. Participate in the 2017 Software Testing status survey (http://vote.51testing.com), clear their career positioning, choose the most suitable for their own workplace road.

For more testing technology sharing, please go to the 51Testing Software test network. (http://www.51testing.com)

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