3000 Yuan the strongest APU Computer Configuration recommended play nuclear or AMD better

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Playing nuclear or AMD some of the 3000-dollar most strong APU computer Configuration recommended

Accessory name brand Model reference price

Processor AMD APU a10-7890k (box) ¥929

Heatsink Boxed Self-

Graphics card Radeon R7 display Core--

Motherboard gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 fm2+¥419

Memory Kingston HyperX Hacker Fury DDR3 1866 8GB (2 4GB dual channel) ¥389

Hard drive Granville SP550 240G Solid State Hard Drive ¥465

Chassis Aerospace ¥109 (side-through)

Power supply Zhenhua War Butterfly 300 power supply (rated 300W) ¥129

Display AOC I2360SD 23-inch widescreen LED backlight IPs LCD ¥699

mouse button User Optional--

Reference price 3139 yuan (with display DIY assembly machine)

Computer Hardware Reviews:

Processor, a10-7890k is the AMD platform's most powerful APU flagship processor, built-in APU platform, the core graphics card, users do not need to buy a separate video card, you can meet the majority of online game needs, is called a top two.

A10-7890K Flagship APU processor

a10-7890k using FM2 interface, the original four core four threads, the default frequency of 4.1GHz, the largest core frequency of 4.3GHz, built in the current strongest Radeon R7 GPU graphics core, with 512 flow processor, core frequency 866MHz, performance can be comparable to the low-end independent graphics card.

Radiator aspect, because a10-7890 and boxed price difference is small, plus boxed equipped with a new Wraith radiator, bring better thermal performance experience, so this CPU buy boxed and bulk price difference, so you can choose.

Other Hardware and Computer configuration reviews

Memory, through the past evaluation, APU on the high frequency, dual-channel large memory favored a good, so the configuration we chose 2 Kingston 4GB DDR3 1866 set up 8GB dual channel, can better play the effectiveness of APU. It is somewhat regrettable that the a10-7890 processor does not support DDR4 memory, so the DDR3 is still selected.

Motherboard, a10-7890k flagship APU processor is the fm2+ interface, the best match is the a88x motherboard, the configuration of small and medium-sized recommended is gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 motherboard, the current motherboard price of 419 yuan, compared to double 11 between 399, the price has returned to normal, First-line mainstream brand, the work of materials solid, cost-effective is still very high.

Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 Motherboard

Hard disk, since the national day, the memory and SSD prices continue to rise, now 240GB solid-state hard disk price is more than 450 yuan, compared to the previous 300 price, prices rose a lot. But given that SSD can bring more outstanding experience, now the new installed basically is standard, the configuration chooses the moderate capacity 240GB hard disk, the majority of users are sufficient in the early stage, for the mass storage users, later increase the hard disk upgrade is also convenient.

Wei just SP550 240G solid State Hard Drive

Chassis power supply, because the configuration does not need to match the independent graphics card, so the 300W rated power of the Zhenhua war Butterfly 300 power supply is sufficient to meet the power supply needs, and the aircraft is the case is a relatively pro-public side through the game box, to meet the aesthetic and day-to-day needs of the public users.

The final display selection of the main cost-effective AOC I2360SD 23-inch large screen IPs LCD display, less than 700 yuan price, very close to the people.

Computer Configuration Reviews:

A set of 3000 AMD now top of the APU installed solution, due to the current memory, SSD, CPU prices have risen, leading to the current installed is not the best period, so the allocation of prices compared to the first half of the period appears slightly more expensive, but still not counted. In terms of performance, a10-7890 has a built-in core graphics card that can meet the needs of many popular online games. On the whole, playing a nuclear display, AMD's a10-7890k flagship APU is better.

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