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Why learn Linux?

This problem may be plagued by a lot of Linux beginners and enthusiasts, in fact, I can not say why to learn Linux, perhaps the most real reason is----a lot of Linux-related jobs. The first side of "see" Linux does not feel how amazing and magical this thing is, but after a long period of learning and contact, you will find it so fascinating and enjoyable.

  So, how can we learn Linux well?

  First, with a good attitude to learn

Learning Linux must maintain a good mentality, should not doubt their learning direction and results.

In my own experience, I studied Linux because I wanted to play, and learning Linux became my daily task, just like "a taxi driver owes 20,000 dollars a day in bed." Suffering from the school without professional teachers, had to pounce on the "sage book", in the six months of forced learning and forced indoctrination, I produced a serious self-doubt: "What is the use of learning Linux?" So many orders to kill? It's better to retire than a game. " These unhealthy emotions directly hinder my motivation and efficiency in learning, but what is easy in this world? Remember the first command you knocked out of a "dark" window showing what kind of miracle? Learning Linux is by no means an easy thing to do, but don't doubt your own direction and results, and what you pay will be rewarding.

"If the end of the beginning, then no failure" This sentence summarizes some of the nonsense I said above, if you can still keep the same attitude when one thing ends, then you will be invincible.

This section finally add a small problem, do not struggle to learn which Linux distribution, in fact, from any one of the distribution of the beginning of your learning journey is the same.

  Second, the appropriate way of learning and teaching materials

The above also said, the author of the first time to learn Linux purely self-study, experienced "brother Wah" thick, and Linux from the introduction to "into the pit", a variety of books and videos filled with my original not too large brain capacity.

and a bunch of crap, then a clear question, choose video or books?

Many beginners tend to look for some video tutorials, in fact, this is very good, but you have to find some high quality, good reputation, preferably some large training institutions inside the video. But please do not rely on video, after all, video in addition to no interaction, with the same class, so the only drawback to see the video is the increase in the cost of learning, this cost includes the acquisition of costs and time costs, so you do not understand anything and read "Meng forced" when the first look at the video bar. When you have mastered the Linux basic commands, understand the simple service principle and can configure the simple service independently, then go to read a book! Reading can greatly save your time and money costs.

What books do you read? I personally recommend beginners to the system to learn the "embedded Linux application Development Standard Tutorial" this book.

Of course, radish cabbage each their own, choose what kind of learning and learning materials for each person is not the same, just like love, no best only the most suitable.

  Third, do not conflict with "boring" English

is English boring? The landlord is still studying in school, often can hear some give up English friends say "We are Chinese, why to learn English", I mention not spit groove.

Basically when you learn Linux or use Linux for a while, you'll find that it's better to learn how to read English than to learn the Linux operating system. For example, we use English basically in the "Find a Man" when used, of course, this guy is a blond "macho", you speak to him in Chinese? I'm sure he'll kill you.

With the depth of knowledge, you may need to search for some information often, when the Niang can not meet you, you have to find another man---google. You can speak Chinese with Google of course, but sometimes brother Gu will use Chinese to express with you, "I here is too little information, you go to my brother (English Google) that ask?" "At this time if you do not describe your problem in English, or can not understand the foreign cattle people's answer, then there is really a kind of want to take tofu to kill their impulse."

In the case of a friend, he belongs to the guy who prefers to recite commands, back parameters, configure the format, and not want to remember more words. But let's take a closer look, if I recite 200 of the words that often appear in the man document, I can guess the meaning of most of the English passages through these 200 words, and do I use the "lifeless" commands and parameters? And to tell the truth, language learning is a very interesting thing.

  Four, find fun and partner

It is a very happy thing to find the pleasure that belongs to oneself from the dull study. The landlord in the process of learning often will produce some imaginative ideas, similar to "This can not?" Isn't that good? What would happen if I did this? "This kind of thinking always makes me very eager to try, although the results may be far from your imagination." Even these questions can tell you, but I just love the "thrill" of trying. Of course the so-called fun is also relative to the individual, some people to try new things as fun, every successful output produced by the small sense of accomplishment can also be fun, of course, there are some bad taste is not it?

Find a small partner is also a very important thing, the landlord in just learning Linux when there are a lot of classmates, learn younger sister under the same roof learning, competing with each other to help each other, everyone can get great strides. Of course, what I want to say here is to find a friend who has learned or engaged in Linux, when you do not have a person can help you, this will save a lot of information to check, the time to turn the document.

  Five, hands-on practice

In fact, this paragraph really does not need to say more, the above introduced my own Linux learning experience and learning methods, these are different, but the eternal constant is "make perfect" These four words, learn Linux is not overnight, time, knowledge accumulation will be able to push you to the top.

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300,000 Yuan high salary Cheng Readme Liunx learning process

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