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New version 360 security browser Add "recommended to 360 search" thumb button

"TechWeb Report" September 10 News, a few days ago, 360 Security browser added "thumb" button, when users browse the page, as long as the "thumb" button, you can submit the site domain name to 360 search, increase the site on the search engine user rating, so that the quality of the site more easily by more users to search.

360 company president Xiangdong said, "The search industry has developed to today, experienced based on text classification retrieval, based on link analysis sorting, and other stages, some search vendors also put commercial ads into the search results to increase revenue, and the user has been a lack of discourse, only passively accept the results of the search engine push." 360 Security browser added "thumb" button, so that users become the first time the search engine real participants. ”

According to Qihoo 360, "thumb plan" is a part of the 360 search open platform, is in the search industry, based on the general PageRank algorithm, add the user recommendation coefficient, by the user's recommendation number of domain name to enhance the weight of the site. Because the traditional search engine uses the link following strategy to crawl the webpage, some new website because the weight is insufficient, often drowns in the voluminous information. 360 "thumb plan" introduced the user recommendation system, combined with 360 security browser of the massive users, by the user click the button to actively recommend the site domain name, compared to traditional search engines can find high-quality sites faster. (Tao Chi)

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