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The 360 browser is a free web browser based on chrome kernel improvements that is simple and quick to use and provides security when you surf the web. It currently supports Windows (XP and Vista, Windows 7).

Chromium is a web browser led by Google, which publishes multiple free copyrights such as BSD licenses and opens the source code. Chromium development may be as early as 2006, design ideas based on simple, high-speed, stable, security and other concepts, chromium is a development version, update speed, and Google Chrome Google browser for the release of the stable version, can automatically update. Regular users usually install chrome more appropriately.

Chromium's authorization is based on the BSD license agreement, BSD Open source protocol is a very free User agreement, users can be free to use, modify the source code, or the modified code as open source or proprietary software redistribution, can be any form of product and commercialization without opening the source code , but you need to include the BSD protocol in the original code in the copyright notice. The BSD license agreement is one of the most lenient licenses, so 360 of chromium business integration should theoretically not be illegal. But if the GPL is used, it must also be open source.

360 Speed Browser is a parallel branch of Chromium browser, to WebKit as the core, in the original based on the addition of more suitable for the Chinese function, super drag, mouse gesture, fast shutdown and other practical functions, built-in compatible with IE browser engine, provides the speed, compatibility mode of the toggle button , access to the Silver Web site will automatically switch to the compatible IE mode. In some of the details of the browser, 360 speed browser to do the interface and IE, Firefox is similar, especially to provide the Address bar URL Drop-down list function, so that IE and Firefox users can maintain the original habit.

On the Extender side, when you click on "Get more extenders," you'll find that the 360-based extender Web site is open, which is an alternative to ensuring a user experience, given that Google Chrome's extended web site is often blocked.

In the browser synchronization function, the default 360 speed browser uses the 360 provides the information synchronization function and so on, the data saves in 360 's server. Click the "Options"-"More Settings"-"Open Google Sync Service", you can use similar to the Chrome browser synchronization features.

After you restart the browser, in the options-profile-sync, you can set the browser data synchronization according to the original Google account method. The data that can be synchronized includes AutoComplete, preferences, favorites, themes, and extenders.

It should be noted that, in the input Google username and password interface, 360 browser does not indicate whether the user's Google account and password will be saved.

In general, although 360 browser provides the ability to log in with Google account, but without a clear hint of the situation, I personally still do not dare to use, in the event of the day to a cloud command to take my Gmail password away on the trouble. However, if the browser to promote, to eliminate the front designers hate the IE6 browser still has a great effect, the use of the experience in general can be counted.

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