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Players in a few seconds on the pitch may be a good goal, but the browser a few seconds of "suspended animation" and delay will let fans miss the wonderful moment. Want to live hold wonderful, a superior performance of the browser is the key to prevent "suspended animation", reduce delay, allowing users to smooth the European Cup of the game.

No "suspended animation" for streaming live.

The striker broke into the restricted area and shot. The video suddenly jammed, a few seconds before resuming, when the wonderful missed, this is the browser "suspended animation" provoked misfortune. The browser "suspended animation" is a Web page in the Flash element is not responsive, eliminate the "suspended animation" needs to be accurate to the pages of the problem of the flash elements stripped, to ensure that the Web page video and other content normal operation. Users can choose a second generation of anti-animation technology browser, such as  security browser, can be very good to prevent "suspended animation."

Figure 1  Secure browser small window play live video

The Ancestors one step spectator video does not delay

In addition, stay up to watch the most fear of network problems, once the problem can only find their own solutions, but also missed the wonderful game.Security Browser also dedicated to the provision of browser doctor, a key F1 can easily and quickly solve a variety of common Internet problems, the maximum for users to save time to repair computer, watch more exciting events.

Figure 2 Browser Doctor One-click Fix internet problem

The European Cup is a four-year session, not every European Cup will be able to see the performance of favorite stars, nor every game is always wonderful. This year's European war brought together all the familiar traditions of Europe, but also Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, composed of "Group of Death", how to miss the wonderful game. Quickly choose a superior performance browser, hold live 2012 Euro Cup every second of the wonderful bar.

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