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At the end of the year, it was the time of year for graduates to prepare their papers, and the task of collecting information was the most important. For the students who need to inquire about the foreign language information, the related literature of reference is mostly a Ching foreign language. How to do? Holding the dictionary, click the translation software to check, a paragraph to chew? This is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also difficult to take all kinds of small languages. Today, I teach you to use 360 speed browser seconds to kill a variety of foreign language web pages, see the world.

Multi-language all-in-language web pages without pressure

Just use the 360 speed browser to access the Foreign Language Web page, the software will automatically detect the language of the page, and pop-up prompts, click on translation, just a moment, the page has been perfectly translated into Simplified Chinese, paragraphs and the results of the translation is clear, this read the article is not a problem?

360 Speed browser can not only easily handle English translation, but also in the use of Google translation of the vast cloud database, support, including German, French and other 60 multi-lingual real-time translation, is a take-all, 360 speed browser in hand, from this foreign language Web page without pressure.

Bilingual real-time control of the original text two not mistaken

Cutong can help us quickly determine whether the information is valuable, but once we find valuable information, we need to do it verbatim. 360 Speed Browser also provides bilingual real-time control translation results, as long as the mobile mouse to specific paragraphs, will pop up the original control window, to help you carefully, to maintain a good habit of rigorous scholarship.

Powerful translation function is only a small highlight of the 360 speed browser, the current 360 speed browser is the only to achieve with the global chromium community synchronization of domestic dual-core browser, 5.3 version of the use of the Chrome 18 kernel, 360 Speed browser V8 Test total score reached the industry-leading 11364 points, HTML5 test reached 375 high score, in HTML5 performance and speed of the Internet with Google's latest version of the Chrome browser to keep pace, 360 Speed browser represents the domestic seamless dual-core Switch browser development of the highest level of technology, more Web site cloud security, rich expansion and other functions, to provide users with a more secure, faster and more user-friendly Internet application experience.

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