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Say today is an experience of the era of the king, not at all.

People who do consumer goods may already feel that today's consumer discourse is getting stronger, and if your product is doing well, it will soon be word of mouth; If your product is rotten, it will soon be a curse. All this was unthinkable in the past. But today, everyone can publish the message, everyone's voice even weak, can always be heard by others. In the Internet age, whether the product can be successful, the user experience becomes more and more a key, the user buys your product, not is with you to end the transaction. On the contrary, when users pick up your product and use your product, the user experience journey really begins, and the user's journey of experience is enjoyable and will directly affect your reputation and affect your sales.

One American named Scott McKain encountered one thing: he was going to a city in the United States to give a speech to a group of business leaders, but unfortunately his suitcase was stuffed by airlines into another flight. So he tried to make a suit by phone, a men's brand shop called Men's warehouse, according to his size. McKain previously knew the brand, but never bought it's clothing, but this one emergency service, let McKain thoroughly become the brand's loyal customers.

Very simply, because men's warehouse reacted quickly, the quality of the garments was quite good, and the navy and charcoal black two suits were offered for his selection, not only to finish his speech as scheduled, but to exceed his expectations.

Scott Makain is the author of "Business Show", in fact, I think the English name of this book is better and more direct: "All Business are shows Business", namely all industry is entertainment. He believes that all industries should be like the entertainment industry, the most important thing is not to sell products, but to sell the user experience.

Entertainment is a very magical industry, such as you spend 100 of dollars to Las Vegas to see a show, or spend 70 of dollars to see the 3D version of the Titanic, out of the empty hands, but very happy, and even boast to friends and family. In fact, the entertainment industry is selling two words: experience. It does not sell in kind, so it has to put the experience of the ultimate, in addition to the feeling and later memories, in fact, nothing has been. such as Disney, Pixar, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Cirque du Soleil, magician David Copperfield and so on, are in fact the first-class user experience sales master.

The book "Business Show" I read in the early years, the inspiration for me is quite large. Working in the Internet industry for more than 10 years, experienced many failures and setbacks, more and more realize the importance of user experience. So what is a good user experience, is also a topic of life-long learning, especially worthy of the people on the Internet to learn, discuss.

I think that a good user experience must have the following three points:

First, to exceed the expectations of users, can bring surprises to users.

"Business Show" in this story: Las Vegas has a hotel, the customer check-out is ready to leave, the hotel will provide customers with two bottles of drinking water. Check-out guests drive to the airport, the middle of a 40-minute walk in the desert, the weather is very hot will be thirsty. This hotel has a particularly high retention. These two bottles of water are not worth much money, but beyond the expectations of customers, so that customers moved. You think, have finished the account, and the hotel has nothing to do with, people still send you two bottles of water, what is this feeling?

Another case I think of is Han court. The Han court for each room equipped with five kinds of pillows, suitable for different people sleep, is the first in the country to do the budget hotel. Arguably, it's not revolutionary, but it really surprises customers when they open their wardrobe, completely beyond their expectations.

Second, a good user experience should be able to make users feel.

The user experience, formerly understood as the product's appearance and packaging. Wrong, the product experience throughout the user to use the product of every detail, do a good job to become the key to winning the product. A lot of people come up to talk about business strategy, I very disagree. The development of enterprises to a certain extent, will certainly be based on the accumulation of resources to form the direction of enterprises and the impact on the industry. However, the enterprise strategy must not be in the cloud, all the enterprise strategy should be specific to your product how to solve the user problem, how to make users feel pleasure, for me, this is a very important product concept.

A good user experience must be able to be perceived by the user.

There used to be a famous telecoms company that planned to sell its mobile phone green without radiation. But the company's selling point did not succeed, because the green radiation in the planning, consumers simply can not judge, unable to perceive. May indeed be green without radiation, but the consumer can not see, not to see is equal to No. Later, the company also planned to prevent the interception of the point, but unfortunately, can not prevent eavesdropping is also not verifiable, and ordinary people simply do not care.

I'm not saying that green radiation is not important, it's not that eavesdropping is not important to some people, but that there must be a form that allows users to perceive the benefits of these technologies. For technology, my point has always been that the real cow technology, should be like Pixar animation, hidden in every picture behind, bring people is pleasure, is joy, is memorable.

Third, a good user experience starts with the details and runs through every detail.

What makes Scott mckain a loyal customer of men's warehouse? I don't think so, but the store has two colours for McKain-navy and charcoal black, all pretty good, and a tie, a shirt and leather shoes.

This is the charm of detail. I often take this method to observe a lot of industries, the results of a look. Businesses feel that their products have done quite well, in fact, users may have to accept your products and services, perhaps you still do not realize that there are many do not place. If these passable details can be improved, then it could be a good word of mouth spread.

A very expensive five-star hotel, to 2000 yuan to live one night, but the internet is not free, the internet will be 180 yuan. For example, the first class cabin is expensive, but food is hard to swallow. Even more ridiculous is that such enterprises every day to talk about customers first, intentions service, but such details can not be improved, who would like to live in such hotels, sit on such flights?

A lack of detail, the next big gas spend a large cost in the television, newspapers put on the brand advertising to destroy.

When interacting with friends in other industries, in fact, I do not know how to eat, do not understand aviation, also do not understand the business, but after thinking, I found whether virtual services, or entity services, in the process of implementation there are a large number of details can be improved, these are the opportunities to enhance the user experience. No matter what the industry, for each business, the impact of the technological revolution is long-term, equal. In the technical conditions of a small difference, we through the product experience design, effectively enhance the user experience, so that users feel more cheerful, more valuable, which is to establish a brand, build a reputation of an effective way.

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