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360 Guardian Geek version of the original 360 mobile phone anti-virus software evolved, can be said to be 360 mobile phone defender of the simplified version. The simplification described here is the simplification of the number of functions, not the poor function. Compared to 360 mobile phone guards, the geek version is more powerful on a single function. For example, the same cleaning function, the geek version than the mobile phone guards to clean up more thoroughly. The same scanning function, the geek version than the phone Guardian scan faster. So, if you need only some of the features, not all of them, you might want to try a geek version.

Another point to note is that the 360 Guardian geek version than the 360 mobile phone guardian memory footprint and installation packages are small, can be said to be lightweight. 360 Mobile Phone Guard installation package has 14m,360 Guardian Geek version of the installation package is only 6M more. 360 of mobile phone guards occupy about 38M of memory, 360 Guardian Geek Edition occupies about 20M of memory. The result is that the 360 defender geek version is running faster. function, it is shown in the picture above, the list will be known.

If you don't need the full functionality of the 360 phone guards, try the 360 Guardian geek version.

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