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Q: What new 3D functions does ArcGIS provide?

ESRI continues to work on the basic technologies of arcglobe, arcscene and ArcGIS pro. In ArcGIS 10.3, we introduced a new three-dimensional working method-using web scene. 3D will run through the ArcGIS platform, including server, desktop, browser, and device. Users with two-dimensional information can use the core capabilities of ArcGIS pro to easily use 3D symbols and create 3D Web scene. These 3D Web scene can be published and used by web apps mobile devices. With the new 3D service enhancement, you can access any ESRI client.

The new features mainly include:

  • Implement 2D and 3D integration in ArcGIS pro, including the interaction between 2D and 3D windows during viewing and editing;
  • More advanced 3D editing tools are provided in ArcGIS pro;
  • Use the rules created in cityengine to create advanced 3D symbols;
  • Web scene is supported in ArcGIS, including on browsers, mobile devices, and ArcGIS pro. This is a new 3D service type released by ArcGIS for server. This capability has a great impact on ArcGIS online. on ArcGIS online and portal for ArcGIS, users can open, create, and manage 3D scenes and layers like 2D maps and layers.

To use web scene, you only need to select a basic scenario of the appropriate scale and add geographic data to create new scenes and 3D layers. You can use ArcGIS online (browser), explorer client, and ArcGIS pro to open a scenario. These 3D scenarios can also be easily embedded into pages and custom applications.

Over time, users will share 3D virtual scenes (cities, landscapes, etc.) and interact with people inside and outside the Organization through these scenes, these scenarios are even combined with data, resources, and APIs in different sites or applications to build new businesses.

Q: Will more rules be added to cityengine?

Yes. In cityengine 2014.0, we released new building, plant, and road rules that can be directly applied to cityengine or ArcGIS desktop software (ArcMAP, arcscene, arcglobe, and ArcGIS Pro).

The enhanced functions of cityengine2014 are as follows:

    • Stability and interoperability;
    • Built-in ESRI rule repository;
    • Improved support for "island" data;
    • Improved the street network;
    • The Unity plug-in is developed based on the cityengine SDK.
Q: What new content does ESRI cityengine have?

ESRI cityengine is an independent desktop software that creates 3D models in a parameterized manner. ESRI cityengine typically uses 2D information to stretch into a 3D model and allows standard textures and graphics to express the building facade. Over the past few years, ESRI has integrated the key components of cityengine into ArcGIS for desktop, and many parameterized design tools have been released in ArcGIS pro.

Cityengine is also making progress. We released the new version cityengine 2014 in March, which enhanced the design and parameter visualization capabilities. Looking into the future, ESRI intends to strengthen cityengine capabilities, such as adding new usability tools and built-in rules (buildings and trees) as well as interactive design tools and build it into a platform for professional urban planning and design. Cityengine will be further closely integrated with ArcGIS online, which will allow cityengine to easily publish the results of the design scheme to the ArcGIS online environment.

Q: I'm very interested in using ESRI cityengine. Does ESRI support organizations that want to integrate cityengine into their own Gis?

Yes. For organizations that have just started using cityengine, we recommend that you download the series of ESRI tutorials demos, these tutorials aim to introduce the basic concepts of cityengine, introduce the process for creating 3D City models, explain how to create and use rule packages, and export 3D models from cityengine. These one-hour demos can be obtained free of charge through ESRI education services. More detailed information and resources, including sample projects, rule files, and materials, can also be obtained through the ESRI cityengine resource center.

To provide more comprehensive support, ESRI professional service center provides ESRI cityengine advanced service package. In three days, we will introduce the software-supported standard ESRI dataset, and then discuss how to use your own data to use cityengine for work, and finally publish the 3D Web scenario to your ArcGIS online account.

Q: What is webscene?

Webscene is a 3D view, which can be viewed through a browser (without plug-ins or downloads), a mobile device, or ArcGIS Desktop. The concept of webscene is similar to webmap, which is composed of geographical data layers, but different from maps. The map focuses on two-dimensional display and layout, and webscene is 3D.

Webscene supports multiple scales. It can be used to view and share scientific data on a global scale, such as land surface temperature or sea surface temperature. Scaled to the landscape scale, webscene can view terrain details and high-resolution images and introduce business layers, such as flight tracks and View Details of buildings, trees, and water in a city/garden area.

Q: What is the difference between the webscene data type and last year?

Webscene evolved from a pre-cached small-range static view to a large-range dynamic view. Users can interact with a wide range of webscene in a browser and dynamically download data during 3D view interaction.

3D of 2014esri global user conference

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