40 Days of emergency preparation for PMP, from successful registration to passing exams, once pass!!!

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Overall, I was lucky, 40 days from the Internet to learn that 51CTO college opened this course (because I have more than 10 years of work experience, relatively easy to understand), to the successful registration, the test time is 40 days, Kung Fu is not a conscientious! One pass. Not much experience, just to share your personal learning methods and skills, for reference only. At the beginning of the study, like "Zhang two monk can not touch the head", I also spent 1 days to check the online those who have already tested predecessors experience, the final conclusion is: PMP learning focus is to understand, especially the teacher to draw seven stars of those content needs special understanding. Cut to the chase, my learning methods and steps mainly include the following: 1. All course videos viewed 2 times, one time standard speed, twice times faster; 2. In each lesson video at the end of the work can be completed, do not look at the premise of the answer prompt, do two times, one can test the knowledge point of repeated mistakes, and second can detect the place to understand not in place, two times after the completion, then detailed analysis can quickly enter the next lesson; 3. In the middle and late stages of the learning phase, the teacher will arrange a number of mock exams, the difficulty will be increased, here need to focus on is: each time the model test needs everyone to focus on, each time the model test recommendations do not look at the premise of the analysis to do two times, and then will not understand the analysis of the topic feedback to the TA or Every time after the opening of the model test, there are online live courses, the teacher will be fine to explain the students feedback and easy to do wrong topics, this process is very important! (Seven Stars); 5. After entering the mold, we recommend that you buy a "Dr. Wang interpretation of PMP", cheaper, about 20 pieces, at least read 1 times, read 2 times; 6. Similarly, after reading "Dr. Wang's interpretation of PMP," and then recommended that you read the "Pmbok Guide Sixth Edition", why so say, because a pmbok, a lot of people are ignorant force, Dr. Wang's very essence of the outline of pmbok, so must not miss, and I because of limited time, only read the " Dr. Wang interpretation of PMP, and the "Pmbok Guide Sixth Edition" has never been turned, suggest that we should warning, reasonable arrangement of time, do not have luck mentality; 7. After entering the late, every day to do, nothing but repetition of the brush, brush, and then brush the problem!!! Reading, reading, and then reading!!! 8. Once again remind everyone of the model test and live commentary, must pay attention!!! (Seven stars); 9. The week before the exam, this time is actually very awkward, very anxious, very anxious state, in fact, can not need. To believe that the efforts of the people will not be too bad luck, not hard luck must be bad! Although not up to 5 a, but at least one-time through!!! In all the methods, the individual feel in the QQ group with students, teaching assistants, class teacher and mentor to discuss the topic, is the most effective and easiest way to progress, highly recommended!!!!! (10 stars) I want to be special this time.Thanks in my study process, helped my teacher and classmate: class: PMP4 period VIP Preparation Group-180908 tutor: Wang in charge of class: Lily Liu. Class teacher of -51cto College: Wood-Wood ta-fei ta-Zhang Guidi ta-Wang Juan and those selfless dedication of the students, thank you, Thank you for your effort!!! Attach certificate and achievement chart:! [] (http://i2.51cto.com/images/blog/201810/10/6e44066986de0a4f175abae252d6f1e8.png?x-oss-process=image/ watermark,size_16,text_qduxq1rp5y2a5a6i,color_ffffff,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_zmfuz3pozw5nagvpdgk=) ! [] (http://i2.51cto.com/images/blog/201810/10/0bd8ea434b91196d288e194515033f83.png?x-oss-process=image/ watermark,size_16,text_qduxq1rp5y2a5a6i,color_ffffff,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_zmfuz3pozw5nagvpdgk=) ! [] (http://i2.51cto.com/images/blog/201810/10/aeebc4b92394d45d6540b25741e46830.png?x-oss-process=image/ watermark,size_16,text_qduxq1rp5y2a5a6i,color_ffffff,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_90,type_zmfuz3pozw5nagvpdgk=)

40 days of emergency preparation for PMP, from successful registration to passing the exam, once pass!!!

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