40 sci-fi-riffic fonts for free

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@ Font-face CSS rules,It makes it easier to implement unique fonts on your website than ever before, without relying on Google fonts or any premium options.You may not want to use a Custom font for your entire website, but they can have a big impact, so that the title is displayed and can be read by the search engine.

Sci-fi movies

These famous fonts are displayed from famous sci-fi novels

Font:Alex Murphy-gu-Movie:Mechanical warfare police

Font family:Special League-Movie:Foreigners

Font:Alien Resurrection-Movie:Alien Resurrection

Font:AVP-Movie:Alien wars."Prey"

Font:Back to future-Movie:Back to future

Font:Batman Forever-Movie:Batman Forever

Font:Space Bastion-Movie:Space bastion karadha

Font:"Blade Killer"-Movie"Blade Killer"

Font:Galaxy fans-Movie:Farscape

Font:Old frontier Style-Movie:Star Trek"

Font:Fly out of the future-Movie:Fly out of the future

Font:Armed Helicopter-Movie:WALL-E

Source:Matrix-Movie"Hacker empire"

Font:Ape planet-Movie:Ape planet

In Font:Splash GordonMovie:Apsara Stack

Font size: LargeStar Jedi-Movie"Star Wars"




More sci-fi theme fonts:

Here there are some more fonts or a part of a movie, but it will still be associated with a sci-fi subject.

Carbon Block

Racial superiority

Ultra Space





Planet universe



Space Age



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