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Today, small set in a forum to see such a netizen's purchase configuration needs, according to his description, he gave the budget in 4000 yuan, and he stressed that do not colorful rainbow GTX960 graphics card, carrying the six i5-6500 platform, but also the need for 1TB mechanical hard disk box 128GB solid-state drives, From the user's needs, the main use is game or 3D graphics. Its graphics card needs GXT960 graphics card, but not seven rainbow brand graphics card. In response to the needs of this netizen, the following small series to give their own assembly configuration scheme, interested friends may wish to take a look at it.

Detailed configuration list and quote below.

4000 host how to select 4000 $ six generation i5-6500 unique game configuration recommended
accessories name brand model reference price
processor intel core™ i5-6500 (scatter) ¥1140
radiator -----
graphics card shadow GTX960 4G large memory Kingston 8G 2133 DDR4 ¥180
motherboard asus B150m-a D4 ¥560
chassis ¥120
power 530 rated 400W ¥190
mechanical hard drive West data 1TB 7200 turn to Blue disk ¥300
solid-state hard disk Samsung 750 120g ¥280
reference price 4120 (without display)
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Computer Hardware Reviews:

Processor, the small series recommended core six-generation I5-6500 processor, this processor is based on the latest Skylake architecture, using 14 nm process, belonging to the original quad core four thread design, The default frequency size of 3.2Ghz, can be Rui-frequency to 3.6Ghz, with 6M three cache, support the latest DDR4 memory, this processor is also a very hot product recently. Also a lot of gamers favor the processor, performance and power performance is good.

Intel Core i5 6500 Processor

Graphics, the configuration of the use of N-card platform GTX960 graphics card, based on GM206 architecture, the use of 28nm process technology, the core frequency of 1126-1178mhz. With a 128bit video memory bit width, GTX960 can be seen as a shrinking version of the flagship gtx980/970 graphics card, with a reduced performance, but considering the price is very cost-effective and suitable for midrange gamers.

The recommended shadow GTX960 based on the GM206 framework, with 128bit bit wide, up to 4GB GDR5 memory, the use of 28 nm process technology, combined with dual fan cooling heat pipe cooling design, is a performance is still outstanding in high-end graphics card, the user's demand is completely not satisfied.

In other respects, the solid-state drive is not recommended, given the limited budget. But choosing other hardware configurations is very well-known, such as ASUS first-line motherboards, global brand power and Kingston 8GB large memory.

Computer Configuration Reviews:

This set of configuration budget in 4000 yuan, should meet the user's budget control, but also very good to meet all the needs of the netizen. For home words may like to save a lot of video, so with a large capacity of the mechanical hard drive. Plus this i5 6500 processor does not support overclocking, configuration, there is no consideration to support overclocking Z710 motherboard, so cost-effective is also good.

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