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404 is an HTTP error code, that is, the requested Web page does not exist. The first "4" of code 404 represents a client error, such as an incorrect web address, and the latter two digits represent a specific error message. Is the page that is returned when the user enters the wrong link. The purpose is to tell the viewer that the page they are requesting does not exist or that the link is wrong, and that the user is directed to use other pages of the site instead of closing the window to leave.

Google's concise pages are consistent with the brand spirit, with basic error tips and problem descriptions

1. Why do I need 404 pages

Search engine spider when request a URL to get "404" state response, that means that the URL is no longer indexed and the page is deleted from the index database by feedback to the datacenter, and of course the deletion process may take a long time; and when the search engine gets "200" Status code, the URL is considered valid and will be indexed and included in the index database. Therefore, customizing the 404 error page is not only a good way to enhance the user experience, but also is very important for search engines.

2. Good 404 page should follow the idea

① provides a concise description of the problem, eliminating the frustration of visitors with easy words, and allowing visitors to move somewhere rather than backwards.

② provides a reasonable solution to assist visitors to complete their visit goals.

③ provides a personalized and user-friendly interface to enhance the access experience.

Use humorous language and friendly sticker screen to dispel the frustration of users

3.no! refuses to be bored

A well-designed 404 error page can help you avoid losing the user's trust, potentially building your user relationship and keeping your users on the web for longer. Here are some ideas for the 404 Interface Design Reference, I hope you can like them and get inspiration from:

Method ①: Overall consistency

404 page also need to keep the base elements of this site, so that it looks like your site, so that users can be confused when the time to recall why they are here;

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