45 classic differences between working and entrepreneurship

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After graduation, are you working? Or start your own business? Maybe everyone has the dream of starting a business as a boss! However, you know how hard it is to start a business? If you have not yet formed a theoretical concept for individual startups, I suggest you: Don't be impulsive! Let's take a look at the classic difference between working and entrepreneurship!
1. Working people entrust their dreams to opportunities, and entrepreneurial people deliver their lives to faith and God;
2. A working employee is like a dog, and a start-up employee is like a wolf. In the end, this world has fewer wolves than dogs, because most people prefer to be dogs. This is a phenomenon of natural species;
3. 80 employees and 20 entrepreneurs, because all employees hope to be invisible to the entrepreneurs;
4. the employees do not understand that they have at least eight times the income of the entrepreneurs, but the entrepreneurs do not understand it, I am making money with so much painstaking wisdom and effort that I should not feel guilty;
5. When I am working, I think about how much bonus I can pay this month. When I start a business, I think about how many products I have consumed this month and how I can save it;
6. When I work, I think about how much my experience and diploma should be worth. When I start a business, I think about how much my hard work and strategy can make;
7. When I am working, I want to use my professional knowledge to eat and save money to raise a family. When I start a business, I want to use social resources to make money to support organizations and employees;
8. Generally, working people are naive. They think that hard work and obedience can be guaranteed without worry. When they start a business, they will know that the market changes are unpredictable and unknown;
9. If you do a good job in the relationship between superiors and colleagues, you can live your life. If you start a business, you must do a good job in the relationship between customers and society to survive;
10. work depends on the face of the boss and the boss; entrepreneurship depends on the face of the Social consumers and the administrative department in charge and the face of the media;
11. during work hours, the telephone fee is always saved and saved. The best thing is that the company's phone number is used for free. When I go out, I call the boss and immediately get down, when you start a business, the phone call is always biting your teeth to make a call. Even if you are a long-distance phone call, as long as you are a partner and a customer, you always have to wait for the other party to establish a line, even if it hurts;
12. If you encounter some difficulties during work, you can leave your work. If you want to leave your luggage or escape your responsibilities, you must solve the difficulties you encounter when you start a business and finally resolve the problems in your own hands;
13. when I work, I hear that a new employee is more competent than myself, always jealous and wary of him. When I start a business, I always want to be able to attract handsome and talented people who are much better than myself;
14. A job is a student. If you have a good academic performance, you can start a business as a teacher. You must teach students well, and find a way to do a good job in Students' Ideological Work and evaluate external titles;
15. if you work for a job, you go to college. The more free you are, the better you are. The more fun you are, the more fun you are. The more fun you are, the more fun you are. If you start a business, you can start a university, all painstaking efforts and labor are ruined;
16. when I am working, I don't want anyone to manage myself. I think I'm amazing. I don't even look down on people who are lower than myself. I only know when I start a business, I hope that I can have a good mentor and kind of knowledge to give advice and help myself. I feel more and more that I have nothing to do with myself. Everyone who is worse than myself must respect me, because no one can be short of me;
17. when I was working, when I was bored, I had a lover's greetings and surprises to warm myself up, when I started my business, I was bored with thinking that an important customer suddenly signed a purchase order contract with himself;
18. when I work, I don't know how important my feelings are, and what I cherish, when I start a business, I know that it is the most difficult fortune for a lover to encourage and help when they are alone;
19. when I work, I don't know what the relationship between my parents and my career is. If I don't have any money to spend, I will forget my family. Anyway, I just need to eat myself. I only know when I start my own business, no one has ever sent a letter to you. If you don't honor your parents, you won't be able to make any peace of mind when you start a business;
20. When I am working, I don't want to ask others, I don't want to disturb people, I have to ask others every day when I start a business, and I have to take the initiative to send messages and text messages to my friends every day to bother others;
21. Working hours think about how much money I can save this year, how much money I will pay, and how much money I will earn. Start a business will think about how many stores can be opened this year, and how much market share it shares;
22. The working staff are very happy when there is rain and snow in the world today. They can relax and be lazy when there is no guests. It's raining and snowing today when the business starts up. They are so worried about how to attract customers to the door;
23. When a job encounters a problem, it solves the problem. To start a business, you must consider the root cause, solution, and prevention of the problem;
24. If you are working for a job and encounter problems that plague you, you must face them and actively find a solution;
25. when you work, you need to pile up your work and drag it on. It is better to do as few things as possible. When you start a business, you will know that the problem is everywhere and it will become a time bomb, it is not guaranteed that the company and itself and its employees will be killed by this problem on that day;
26. When I was working, I looked at the hour and stood on the hour. I felt very happy. Every day when I started my business, I had to think about how to survive and develop;
27. When I am working, I always want my boss to treat me. I think it is justified. When I start a business, I feel that treat me as a kind of cut meat, but I always have to take the initiative to pay for it;
28. When I was working, I shut down the phone at 8 o'clock. I was afraid that someone would be in trouble. When I started my business, I put three phones on my bed 24 hours a day without shutting down my computer. I hope someone could take care of my business;
29. The confidence of the employees who work is buried in the body, and the confidence of the entrepreneurs is publicized outside the body;
30. Working people do not want to tell others in front of the hall that they are Ma Zi. Entrepreneurs are most afraid to hear others say they are bosses in public, especially when they fail;
31. when I work, I always want to learn a lot more qualification certificates, preferably post-doctoral posts. I also have over 10 or 20 training certificates for human resource managers, accountants, trainers, etc, when you start a business, you will find that the best thing is a brave man who does not know everything. What diploma, title, and certificate are completely useless;
32. when I was working, I saw that the business card that the other party gave was the director of a certain multinational company. The annual salary was xx million, so I felt envious and inferior. I was very respectful and careful. When I started my business, I had only one person, I dare to say to myself that in the future, we will train dozens of such directors;
33. when I am working, I hear people introduce others. This is the case when professors, mentors, experts, masters, and winners in this industry are always respectful and respectful. When I start a business, I feel a little sneer when I hear these ideas, knowing the knowledge is nothing remarkable. Speaking well is better than doing well. practice is the only way to generate wisdom. I feel like I am a real expert;
34. I am not very concerned about the media and reporters when I am working, and I am afraid of journalists when I start a business;
35. working hours treat products as commodities and items for earning a living. When you start a business, you should treat your products as lovers. When you are the other half, you may feel bad and hurt;
36. when I work, I treat my lover as a lover, while both sides do not interfere with each other. When I start my business, I treat my wife as a lover and a treasure, fearing that she could not succeed when she ran her own business, both parties must ensure stability and work together;
37. while working, I dreamed that I could marry my boss's sister and daughter one day, so that I could struggle for less than 20 years, when I started my business, I thought that nothing in the world is more important than my own strength and hard work;
38. When I am working, I want to marry a good husband. I don't want to find such a woman to share my painstaking efforts and wealth with myself;
39. the employees who work in the group enjoy the excitement, so the employees who work in the group enjoy the excitement. The entrepreneurs hope to be quiet and think, therefore, entrepreneurs often modify their own bodies and minds in their desires;
40. Migrant workers pin their hopes on bole, and entrepreneurial workers give them to themselves;
41. Part-time work depends on your own ability to eat, and entrepreneurship depends on your own wisdom and thinking;
42. Working hours rely on others' platforms to show their abilities. Entrepreneurship relies on their own determination and vision to create a platform;
43. Working as a part-time employee is a good job, and entrepreneurship is a part of system operation;
44. Working people expect a two-day break in a week, and start-ups want to think about how they can operate at a low cost;
45. If a job owner is unwilling to face his or her own income, start-ups must face his or her own strength and financial status.

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