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· Frequent updates, good works, and personality-these factors are critical. if you cannot update your blog regularly (not necessarily every day, but you need to have a fixed plan), it is difficult to establish influence and access traffic.

· If people discover the value of a work, they will forgive you for spelling mistakes. But if you cannot maintain the level of work, the access traffic will decrease.

· Don't worry about who is reading, just about the theme you are interested in. Don't please others and focus on what you think is interesting.

· Set the range. consider how much you can comfortably share about yourself ". you only need to decide what part of your life you are willing to share and try to find a balance point.

· Remember: Everything you publish will be discovered and archived by Google and other websites. therefore, consider it carefully before release. someone was fired for something written on his website. never assume that what you wrote about others (family members, friends, or colleagues) will not be seen by them because "they don't use the Internet.

· My grandmother has been watching my website since I started, so I have always regarded them as part of my important readers. this allows me to concentrate my writing on the content I want to share with them, reducing the mess. I want my website to be accepted by a wide audience.

· One Of My rules is "Do not delete any Diary ". so before writing anything, I have to think about it. I'm sure I didn't put anything I regret in the future. for this reason, I do not recommend "kaibo after drinking ". you don't want to wake up the next day and remember what you wrote.

Fraser (www.blogjam.com)

· You should review a blog like a book. I want to enjoy reading a blog, so I am searching for good articles that make me laugh. it sounds very simple, I know, but sometimes it is hard to find.

· Do not try to cater to readers. Do not write a diary simply because you "feel you have to write".-Write it only when you have something to talk about.

· The charm of personal websites lies in the absence of editing rules and regulations. if you wake up on Monday and feel totally different from Tuesday, your diary should reflect it. in the end, you will find your favorite voice and style. If you write something interesting or entertaining, you will have more and more readers. you do not need to intentionally impress others.

· Do not talk about work, avoid writing to people you just know. Otherwise, you will eventually offend some people.

· A blog is like a series of posts to your own online followers, a record to find interesting things or silly things.

· If someone builds a blog tomorrow to record the childhood life of a very photographic kitten, I believe there will be huge traffic.

Glenn Renault (www.instapundit.com)

· Regularly publish diaries, find the topics you are interested in, keep track of them, and write carefully (I hate blogs full of spelling and syntax errors ).

· Courtesy will always be rewarded. It may sound interesting to call a person's name, but it will make more readers dislike it.

· Create a blog and select a topic that you know more than most people-such as your career and local affairs-to make these a major part of your blog.

· If you have something important, send an email to another blog to let them know. They will give you a link and you will get the reader's access.

· You should have a digital camera. The photos will make your blog vivid. If the photos are good, they will really beat one thousand words.

Robyn Pollman (www.tampatantrum.com)

· Keep your own style-do not copy people around you all the time. Your personality should be displayed from start to end. It makes your blog unique and "real ".

· Remember, even if you think that you only write for friends and families, your words will actually come from all over the world. you don't know who you are, where you are, and when to read your diary.

· When my husband and I started blogging, we often talked about the movies and restaurants we were going. Imagine how shocked we are. The readers appeared in those places and hoped to meet us. Then they wrote this in their own blog! We quickly learned to write what we plan to do later, instead of before.

· You have to develop your skin a little thicker. blog sites may experience storms like forums. this is part of the blog experience. just like in any sports activity, thousands of spectators follow the rules and everything is wonderful, but as long as there is a mess, it will immediately lead to chaos on the blog site. bloggers cannot take these personal actions-although sometimes it is hard to do so, it depends on the situation at the time.

Quin Parker (www.quinparker.com)

· Many people haven't figured out what they want to write when they start writing.

· People do not like to read a huge Diary of complaints. They have read too much.

· Update frequently and add interesting things like all other web pages.

· Learn about your readers.

Hash (www.iMakeContent.net)

· A Good blog can adapt to its content style. good personal blog elements-for example, a very subjective view of the world-may be used to present design blogs and expand resumes, or the Business blog that provides product information to the customer is incorrect.

· The browsing structure should be simple. Like designing any website, it is best to stay away from flashing icons, music or colors that are difficult to browse on the screen.

· A blog should be written according to what you said. If you want people to come back and become a fixed reader, you must keep your promise. if you are building a technical blog, your readers may be surprised to learn why your marriage, team, and country fail. of course, you may get new readers and decide to re-open your blog.

· Personal blogs need something different. it may be very useful content such as-sharing in-row knowledge, providing the latest analysis, and difficult to find links. there may be unusual, interesting, and insightful ideas.

· A blog website requires personality. A blog website should grow and change and respond to the world it describes.

· Careful planning. If a blog is well developed, it may become a center in your life.

· Seriously consider the blog name. if you want to use it for at least a few years. it sounds so cool and fun now, maybe it will be out of date tomorrow. things that suit your lifestyle today may be embarrassing tomorrow.

· Find the software you need. I started from Blogger, moved to Radio Userland, and now I like Moveable Type very much. each item has advantages and limitations. do you want to use a blog on another computer? Do you want to create a new blog? What kind of hosting service do you have? Consider the software you use to process images. If a blog has news, what kind of news aggregators do you need? In general, update some technical knowledge and HTML knowledge so that your computer can be organized and organized.

· Back up everything. Don't rely on your hosting company. If it is closed, you will need to re-run it as soon as possible, and you absolutely don't want to lose your diary for years.

· Using broadband to access the Internet. This has changed the way my blog is accessed.

· Seriously consider what you have written. You may be happy to share the intimate details of your love life now. After a few years, you may find it embarrassing.

· When you no longer have fun writing a diary-stop and take a rest.

Adrian Hon (www.mssv.net)

· The real "secret" is that you know whether your blog is successful or not, rather than others. if you think that a good weblog is "updated several times a day, with all the latest links and accessed by thousands of people every day", you will be almost disappointed. however, if you think that a good weblog is "you can write on a regular basis happily, and at least some people can read it happily ". then you will do well.

Jason (www.kottke.org)

· Use the correct syntax.

· Do not write what you will not want to back up in the future. Someone will use it to attack you.

· Don't panic because no one is reading your blog. They will always appear. Similarly, don't be scared because people are actually reading your blog. You can stop writing and they will go away!

Rannie (www.photojunkie.org)

· Determine your boundaries before you start to write a blog. decide how much you can reveal yourself. it is easy to change the scope after you start to write a blog, but it is difficult to set a boundary if you have already posted something you don't want anyone to see.

· If you want to bring traffic to your blog and participate in projects hosted by other blogs, consider it as a method to attract attention.

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