5 Free project management software for 2015

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5 free project management software for 2015 years

A mention of project management software , everyone may be concerned about, is not free? It's all full of functions, isn't it? Okay, good?

Today small series to you recommend 5 project management software are based on these 3 points to introduce, you can go back to the rest assured download a try to know! Each of the 5 software has its advantages, and there are no shortage of outstanding works!


Navalplan is based on a ZK Framework develops Web project planning, monitoring and control software. Navalplan can be used effectively to manage any type of project.

Key Features:

* Multi-project management . * Team Resource allocation* Flexible Calendar* Generate a configurable Gantt chart from a work breakdown structure (WBS)* Resource Structure Decomposition chart (RBS)* Overload of resource allocation control* Earned Value management* Cost analysis based on the work report* Other functions include: Quality form, project template, planning plan, multi-task progress measurement.
2.TeamLab TeamLab is a free business collaboration and project management platform. TeamLab key features include: project management software , milestone management, tasks, reports, events, blogs, forums, bookmarks, wikis, instant messaging, and more.

3.oKitOkit (Our Kits for IT Project Management, full name Project Management System is the Beijing Royal Sincerity Technology Limited liability company independent research and development of an IT Project management software , suitable for research and Development project management and organization of project Management .
offering a version of the free project management software and promising permanent free, this is more appealing.

Okit provides project functions such as program management, project monitoring, planning and tasks, configuration management, demand management, product planning management, test management, defect management, Project forum, and memorabilia management. In addition to project management, Okit provides a range of organizational management functions such as knowledge asset Management, performance appraisal Management , departmental management, attendance management, leadership view, Fixed Asset Management , contract management , message management , periodic reports management and so on.

Key Features:

* provides instant messaging tools that are compatible with the system

* User-friendly, feature-rich

* All functions are directly related and easy to use

* and promise to be free forever

* Provides code management compatible with SVN, and is more useful than SVN


Dotproject is an open source, developed by an open source organization, in about 1996 years .Project management softwaresystem, Web-based, can be deployed in the local area network "WAN Office environment, the client does not need to install any software, as long as there are ie,firefox,opera and other browsers can, powerful, small." Translated for about 40 languages, applied to more than 100 countries, Visible to its ease of use degree.Dotproject has the following features: 1. Can operate on a variety of operating platforms: Dotproject the development tools used in this software are all highly compatible tools, MySQL is easy to connect to multiple languages, it can operate well in many kinds of operating systems, can run on a variety of platforms. 2. Web Server Base: Because it is a tool developed with JavaScript and PHP tools, it can support project members in different locations, can update, master project progress, suitable for group use, is in line with the needs of project management. 3. A number of different reports and graphs can be produced to properly handle the wide range of information in the project. 4. The software is a software that is open source code and is free to use. 5. The function interface of the software can operate the same function through different steps, and the software designer will configure the relevant functions in the same operation screen, so that the user can install Dotproject's basic environment without having to bypass the alternative function: windowsxp or Windows Server series Oslinux/unix OS as long as the OS can run amp (amp refers to apache,mysql,php)

Projectpier is an open-source Project management software , based on the Php+mysql architecture. Users can manage tasks, projects, and teams through the Projectpier Web interface. Projectpier supports multi-project and multi-team, it helps the team communicate and collaborate, and makes project management more transparent and simple through functions such as task Setup, Discussion edition, Milestone, and in-station information.

The above 5 project management software, there must be a suitable for your team, according to their own team situation as appropriate choice.

5 Free project management software for 2015

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