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Webmaster contact with the site always has a purpose, some to share information, some for the visibility, of course, more for the profit, after all, stationmaster is not immortal, also need to fill belly. But now the online world is fiercely competitive, how we put our products quickly into a difficult problem, so the product optimization becomes the only way for us to develop the site, take me personally, I now do is the software download industry, after several years of hard work, in product optimization, how many of their own experience, Not very advanced, but the effect is indeed very good.

A ensure that each product has its own URL address

Before I saw a special article on the construction of URL in A5, after reading a deep experience, especially in the article about the URL to achieve one-to-one, do not have multiple URLs to the same page I am very impressed, because in the actual operation of the URL in the process of the spread of the site will not be able to consolidate the weight, so that weight loss. And the weight of the site's own decline will inevitably have a certain impact on the optimization of the product itself.

In fact, the spread of the URL in the site construction is very common to my site as an example: Www.xxx.com/product-1.html = and www.xxx.com/category-1/product-1.htm presented to the user's screen are the same, are " Shadow Magic Hand "Download page, the only difference is that one is in the homepage visit, one is in the channel page access, for such a situation how should we solve it?

(1) Do not put the session ID, statistical code, such as easy to cause duplication of unnecessary content into the URL

(2) The use of robots.txt prohibit search engine spiders crawl do not show the user the abnormal form of the URL

(3) For some abnormal page use 301 jump to the normal page

Two each product has a specific description

Most of the time our products are not designed by ourselves, this also makes the product supplier will sell the same thing to other people, of course, including product introduction, imagine if the webmaster himself in order to lazy and not to describe a good product, resulting in their own web site products no new, no bright spot, make like a street stall like, Will users also choose to buy our products? Obviously not, especially Baidu value the user experience of this era, our website must make a difference.

The above is my own introduction to the software, virtually the function of the software and a little introduced out.

Three shows the customer comments content

Baidu's temper I do not know, but Google is quite valued customer ratings, user comments seriously affect the weight of the page, especially for software products, users will obviously greatly increase the rating of the user experience degree.


In addition, the comments can also be a search engine cited as a product in the search engine Rich text (rich Snippets) information, regular updates can make the site content to repeat the decline, further improve the site's own originality, after all, user comments are unique.

Four Allow product page information to be shared

Today many websites have adopted this method, because as long as the product of their own site is good enough, then users will be very easy to share, and with other vendors, such as Sohu will greatly increase the promotion of website products, for product optimization is critical.

Construction of links within five stations

A successful site in my opinion is able to effectively integrate the site together, and to achieve all this is bound to use the construction of the chain. For the chain, webmaster do not simply think it is only to provide user experience benefits, in fact, to improve the weight also has certain benefits, because spiders crawl the site, can follow the guidance of the chain, increase the depth of access, the article will naturally increase the amount of the collection. On the home page, link to the main product page with text links, product blogs and news content links to product pages or on the home page to build hot products (top 10) navigation links in my opinion is a good way.

The above is my own product optimization will deliberately pay attention to several points, in this share to everyone, I hope that we can help. This article is written by http://www.xiazaizh.com/download China, Welcome to reprint, thank you.

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