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Photography is the art of using light, not saying "run out of money", but to deal with the relationship of lighting like oil painting.

Take a picture like oil painting, is a lot of people's goal, but you know what is the characteristics of oil painting style?

Pocoer: Ruchengrong

In the renaissance of a rapid development of an art, oil painting has the characteristics of that era: literature and Classical. Oil painting color bright oily, can fully express the complex tonal level of images, is the legendary sense of permeability. In addition, the painting of thick paint strokes, so that the characters more mellow three-dimensional.

Using natural light

There is no flash in ancient painting, usually in natural light. Try to use natural light when photographing portraits, and use the reflector to make up the lights when necessary.

Each element is accurately exposed

Painting, is the ideal of the human brain, in the case of the influence of painting work, is a perfect expression, so photography should be like painting, but also try to be perfect. Oil painting emphasizes high light and soft, dark details are not lost, if necessary, separate multiple subjects to be photographed and synthesized multiple times.


Painting will be a special "cloth light" treatment of a subject, especially the main part of the staggered relationship slightly complicated, want to restore in the real time is very difficult, so be sure raw shooting and careful later.

Light less, the overall low-key dark heavy

and small fresh very different is, small fresh background Bai, very high-profile, and oil painting style as a whole darkened, high light with color, the overall color is also rich.

Pocoer:ameko the other Shore flower

The proper obscurity

Painting can not be sharp strokes, brush tip is not sharp, so add a soft light mirror, or slightly on the UV lenses coated with a little Vaseline is also a good choice, of course, the later reduction of clarity also line.

The aperture can't be too big

Aperture not too big, the depth of the ground can not be too small, the background of a little bit can be, but the future must not be wasted, immediately on the camera taste out. Aperture is suitable between f2.8-f5.6.

The composition and modeling posture should be rigorous

does not pursue the angle of view the creativity, the head-up-oriented. Because of the traditional painting theme, the expression is generally relatively hard, or no expression. The most foolproof, front, side, and side angles of the portrait, these 3 angles are the most common.

The whole hue is yellow

Because the classic oil painting to place a long time, the screen appears oxidation, color is actually relatively gray, especially the background part, the high saturation of the traditional oil painting is relatively small.

In fact, in the digital age, to achieve the feeling of oil painting is very good at the late Kung Fu.

Next, we introduce a magical function: Gauss Blur. And the realization of the oil painting effect of 5 combinations.

Pictures from the network

First on the original image and today's protagonist-Gauss Blur June

The next parameter only does the effect introduction use, everybody in repairs the picture to remember the nimble strain! Note that you need to adjust the opacity, if necessary, with a mask.

Gaussian blur + normal + opacity

Features: This combination will not let the picture of how much change the exposure, so you can maintain a relatively stable exposure value, at the same time, through the adjustment of opacity, it can create a dream of light, human skin has a slight sense of light, the whole picture is full of a hazy beauty.

Application scenario: This combination is suitable for situations where there is no need to change the exposure of a large area, but also to create a hazy feeling.

Usage: Pay attention to the Gaussian blur value, the greater the Gaussian blur value, the greater the Blur range.

Gaussian blur + filter color + opacity

Features: This combination will make the overall brightness of the picture, can better reflect the air texture, can better reflect the light shines on the skin when the light texture.

Applicable scene: This combination is more suitable for the performance of bright, hazy, light sense of the scene.

Usage: Pay attention to the Gaussian blur value, the greater the value of Gaussian blur, the greater the scope of the blur, in general, the value of Gaussian blur can not be too high, because this will make the range of highlights too large, so that can not accurately fit the skin.

Gaussian blur + Multiply bottom + opacity

Features: This combination will make the whole of the picture darkened, and the effect on the contrary, this combination just can eliminate the light on the skin, but let the skin has a kind of oil painting, watercolor and so on texture.

Applicable scene: This combination is more suitable for the performance of quiet, stable, quiet scene.

Usage: Pay attention to the Gaussian blur value, the Gaussian blur value can not be too large, otherwise it will make the picture appear black piece, white piece of appearance.

Gaussian blur + soft light + opacity

Features: This combination will allow the overall contrast of the picture to improve, especially the screen light and shade of the junction, but also can create a slight hazy atmosphere, combined with low light compression curve can be used to create a good film texture.

Applicable scene: This combination is more suitable for quiet, hazy, air texture and other scenes.

Usage: Note The Gaussian blur value, the greater the value of Gaussian blur, the screen light and shade at the junction of the contrast will be smaller, the transition will be smooth, and vice versa.

Gaussian blur +50% Soft light +50% color filter

Features: This combination will make the screen contrast and exposure values have been improved, therefore, the color of the screen transition, lighting effect, hazy degree can get a better balance.

Applicable scenario: Wide scope of application.

Usage: The mixing ratio of the two is not necessarily fixed to 1:1, can be adjusted according to their own needs. Note using the same Gaussian blur layer oh.

The most wonderful thing about Photoshop is that all kinds of parameters can be freely paired with free choice, a simple Gaussian blur can change so many effects. Go and try your painting portrait!

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