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Hello everyone, I am a plump network mall editor, due to the recent frequent changes in the search engine, we have to expand some alternative Web site optimization methods, and the blog Search Engine optimization is a place that we all pay attention to and neglected, people often discuss, blog how to rank first, I want to say to my friends that there are many other aspects of the blog, do not indulge in search engine traps, the following small series to share with you my optimization experience.

One: Theme Vivid Blog

We can understand from our experience that if the blog has a single-minded theme, then he will definitely get a good ranking, for example, a theme blog will be more than some of the theme of the blog ranking high, the establishment of more than 100 pages of the blog, and content is a theme, then the ranking of this blog will definitely be one grade A day, Because the blog has authority, weight, of course, the skills of things are always careful people master, he is just a way to learn from.

Second: Cover enough keyword content

For the blog to choose a new keyword convenient Google spiders come in and collect, when you blog a keyword fire, your ranking is difficult, some people often say that their traffic 70% is the search engine to bring, in fact, you can also do these, such as Web page export text connection settings keyword, URL, Image Alt and META tags must have keywords, in this need to pay attention to is not to optimize and stack keywords, users come in to see also will feel your theme is distorted, generally we will know, keyword density is probably between 2-8%, more than 10% may destroy the article included.

Three: page design

Search engine is like a person likes concise no wrong site structure, some in order to pursue the beautiful temporarily discard those ideas, Java script and Flash need to do simple and generous, not only the spider smooth in the page into freedom, users also feel at a glance, very comfortable.

Four: Inner chain optimization

Search engine spiders through the page content to get links, we also say our practice, is in the blog to do a small site map to ensure that the navigation covers the Directory page, other pagination has links to the home page.

Five: External export optimization

This is also a certain point of controversy, I have always thought that the export of high-quality links will enhance the ranking of the search engine blog, so in the posting inserted into the main station link, although some high-quality blog is included, will share a portion of the flow, but the authority and weight is rising. This method is also gain. Pay attention to maintaining high quality rather than quantity here, or too many export links will directly affect the ranking of the blog.

Of course, because the blog has a slow, and hierarchical requirements, it is doomed to have a certain amount of time and patience, usually other practices such as also submit blog RSS to my yahoo reader or Google's personalized pages, etc. The most direct way is to submit to the requirements of the blog search engine, the relevant method of submission to the Internet to check, well, write late at night, due to the relationship between the time, and finally once again: the original text by the Network Mall http://www.gggdd.com/Edit original submission, reprint please explain the source, thank you, Please forgive a webmaster's painstaking efforts, thank you!

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