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Although the first two years in a notebook of the bud of the product has appeared in the market, but to say that the two-in-a product full bloom should be regarded as a matter of nearly two years. Due to the previous OEM manufacturers have been involved in the emergence of the trend of extreme deformation, all the families are competing to launch different forms of different functions of the deformation of the extreme, in many variants of the design Intel believes that the pc/plate two-in-one design is the most consistent with user habits, but also the most promising shape, so Intel chose the form to continue pushing. At present, the market has been all over the two-in-one product figure, and the size of the camp will continue to expand to the next year, the market will be expected to appear in the number of pc/plate two in one product is about 75.

After all, pc/flat two-in-one product of its advantage is that in light and thin fuselage on the basis of a convenient deformation can be inserted and split, at the same time with ordinary flat-panel products difficult to achieve performance. From a positive perspective to see such products, it can achieve a common flat-panel products do not achieve strong productivity, but also with ordinary notebooks can not be compared to the portability, it should be very attractive, it is also very consistent with the current trend of thin and portable fashion. However, when we look at the problem from a different angle, the problem often shows the opposite state. It can be said that pc/plate two-in-one product the biggest advantage is also its biggest shortcoming. Another way of saying that this kind of products in performance can not be comparable to the ordinary home PC, in the portable performance is not able to do as the ultimate flat, there is indeed a kind of both sides of the feeling of random. If you are looking at this kind of products then I would advise you to consider more, do not rush to follow the bandwagon, you know pc/flat two-in-one product is not suitable for all people, because it compared to ordinary PCs and tablets, it has the following several mishap:

  Fuselage capacity is absolutely a mishap

If you are familiar with the current market notebook models, you will find that the mainstream of domestic notebook models of most of its capacity in more than 500GB, some models can even reach more than 1TB. And the reverse view is currently popular pc/plate two-in-one product, their capacity is almost all under 512GB, most of the capacity of the model only stay at the 64-128GB level, the performance of the capacity of a very need for storage space is almost unbearable for users.

Analysis of the reasons, found that the problem in the short term can not be solved. On the one hand, the production cost of SSD solid state in the short term can not be reduced to the point of cheaper than mechanical hard disk, on the other hand pc/flat plate two-in-one product relatively thin fuselage can not allow heavy mechanical hard disk configuration. When will we be able to look forward to the advent of large capacity pc/flat-panel products in the future? Perhaps only when the cost of SSDs can be reduced to the same level of machinery can be achieved.

CPU and video card performance is severely inadequate

First of all, pc/tablet products, in order to take care of the heat dissipation and energy consumption of a small fuselage, can only give up the use of a decent Intel Haswell processor (except for some of the more bulky models) and can only be equipped with a function of only 2W Baytrail, although Bay Trail has a lot more performance than previous products, but it's a kind of processor for both lightweight and flat-panel processors, and it's not quite as good in performance as it is in our usual tests, compared to the mainstream of the Haswell. The difference between it and the mainstream Haswell processor performance is 2, 3 times times, which is one aspect.

On the other hand, due to the limitations of the fuselage, inside the fuselage can not have space to the independent video card to the security location, there is not enough space for the independent graphics dissipation, so the current technology, in the pc/flat two-in-one product with an independent video card is almost impossible, which led to the pc/flat panel products almost no game to speak of , if it's a model with a Haswell processor and a high-end Bay trail processor, you can barely play games. If your pc/tablet is not such a processor configuration, then it means there is really no game to say. For a friend who likes to play games, this is also not acceptable pc/flat plate two-in-one product or even the cause of thin products.

 Flat panel experience too bad

In addition, in terms of fuselage and shape, pc/plate two-in-one product body weight and thickness still can not be comparable with ordinary flat products, even if the two products split after the use of flat end, hold in hand still let people feel very heavy, appreciate not more than a moment of the hand on the acid, Being a normal person is certainly not the patience and courage to go on. Only on the use of feelings, the two-in-one product plate end experience is not satisfactory. In addition, if you are using the Haswell processor products, then do not say its own weight problem, said that the plate has been a roaring fan will be able to successfully in the quiet night to confuse your mood.

There is a congenital disadvantage to the quality of the sound

We've already said that. pc/Plate two-in-one product usually fuselage space is relatively small, in such a fuselage space to play there will be limitations, such as in space there is no way to compromise the speaker resonance problem. The narrow fuselage is bound to affect the speaker's resonance, which is known to all the facts, the speaker without resonance will appear thin and weak. Relatively speaking, the general household notebook in the external sound performance on a lot of good, especially some with sound certification of the model, in the expression will be good on a big cut.

  Relative deviation of fuselage extensibility

The expansion of the fuselage is also one of the pc/tablet products. At present, the mainstream of the market pc/plate two-in-one product its interface type is generally relatively small, some models only equipped with 1 USB interface, and even some models only configure 1 microUSB interface, if we will pc/flat as a portable notebook without splitting to use, is bound to be used in peacetime to cause a lot of inconvenience. At this point the ordinary mainstream home notebook even ultra-pc/will be superior to the two-in-one product. For a USB disk is not enough business people or heavy users of transmission data, obviously have a pc/plate two-in-one product is not what they want.


Intel continues to push pc/flat-panel products, OEM manufacturers are also actively cooperating, all the situation shows the current and future period of such products active. It is believed that in the future, they will inevitably become a large number of consumers to buy new machines when the focus on the object of reference. But the two-in-one product is not really everything, and if you appreciate its cross-border performance, it will certainly give you an extraordinary experience, but if you are just clinging to the trend, or simply pursuing the appearance and relatively portable weight of the relative average notebook, Then I would advise you to carefully look at the 5 major shortcomings of these products carefully consider whether it is really good for you.

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