5 reasons to sign code with a Symantec code signing certificate

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With Symantec code Signing, your code will be available to more customers on more platforms, and we've summed up 5 reasons to tell software developers to purchase a Symantec code signing certificate to sign the upcoming software when they publish their software.

1. Support more platforms, allowing you to maximize the volume of software distribution, so as to provide your revenue

two megatrends make code signing more important than ever: One is the explosive growth of mobile and desktop device personal user applications, and the second is the proliferation of malware. A growing number of software publishers and mobile network providers require code signing from a trusted certification authority (CA), or they do not accept distributed code. Symantec Code signing is more than any other platform supported by the code signing provider . Symantec is one of the reliable code signing providers for Windows Phone, T Developer program, Java verified, and Symbian signed applications.

2. Reduce security warnings by relying on the world's most authoritative and trusted certification authority (CA)

Symantec There is no comparison between the popularity of root certificates . Our root certificates are preinstalled on most devices and built into most applications. If you use Symantec code signing, your code is automatically accepted for seamless code download. If a security warning occurs, it is likely that you are encouraged to trust the code because it is trusted by Symantec. (Security warnings are dependent on the platform, application, and Client security settings.)

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3. Protect your code integrity and your reputation

Digital signatures contain proof of content integrity, which prevents code from being modified and distributed without approval. If the hash value used to sign the application matches the hash value of the downloaded application, the integrity of the code is not compromised. If the hash value used does not match, the user receives a security warning, or the code cannot be downloaded. The Symantec code Signing certificate includes an optional timestamp that extends the validity period of the digital signature. Even if the code signing certificate expires, the code is still valid because the code signing certificate can be validated when it is digitally signed.

4. Speed time to market by simplifying safety assurance

Symantec's web portal and API integration allows you to easily manage code signing and integrate it into your development process. Simplified security helps speed time-to-market, while protecting code integrity and reducing security warnings. More developers and publishers are using Symantec than any other CA. In fact, 70% of the code-signing users have selected Symantec. *

5. Ensure a safe and reliable experience for customers

Symantec helps to achieve a seamless user experience that minimizes security warnings and installation failures while maximizing code distribution and revenue generation opportunities. Signing your code ensures that it is not tampered with and is indeed provided by you. Signing your code with a Symantec code signing certificate proves that you are trusted by the leader in code signing security and that you and your customers have a secure and reliable experience.

5 reasons to sign code with a Symantec code signing certificate

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