5 tips to help you learn the powerful features of PS Smart objects

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A, smart object and a normal layer, it retains the source content of the image and all its original characteristics

In other words, no matter how you scale the selection of smart objects, it will not lose the original information.

  Second, the Intelligent object can replace the content

Double-click the Smart object's thumbnail, PS will open a smart object's source file, where we can modify his pixel level or directly replace the content, and finally remember the "merge visible layer" and save. This time to close the source file, back to the original smart object in the PSD, you can find the smart object has changed.

For example, we can use PS to make a metal Word template, the text layer into a smart object, and then the smart object for the operation of the metal. When we want to change the text, just double-click the thumbnail to enter the text source file for modification and then save.

  When you copy a smart object, multiple Smart objects share a source file

When we ctrl+j copy a smart object, double-click one of the thumbnails into the source file modification, Ctrl+s, you will find all the copied smart objects have changed.

  IV. Create a new smart object by copying

Sometimes when we copy a smart object and don't want it to share the source, we want to change the source file of one of the smart objects, and the other doesn't change. So we just need to right-click-"Create a new Smart object by copying" So PS will copy a new source file, and two smart objects will not share the source.

  V. Use of smart Filters

After converting the layer to a smart object, we add a filter to the smart object, and PS automatically uses the smart filter. Smart filters allow us to adjust the parameters of the filter at any time. Convenient and powerful.

The source file of a smart object can be a vector or raster image, allowing us to edit it in a non-destructive format.

However, we need to note that if the source files of the Smart object raster image, then this time our team smart object magnification, once more than the source file size, will become blurred (again reduced to less than equal to the source file size, then become clear). This emphasis is because, "smart objects no matter whether the amplification will not be blurred" This sentence is easy to bring the novice into the wrong, the intelligent object and vector image concept blurred.

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