5.22 formatting and layout knowledge Point finishing

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position:fixed Lock Position (relative to the browser's location), such as a pop-up window in the lower-right corner of some sites. The page position does not change with the scroll bar, the position is fixed two, position:absolute1. is not included in the outer layer, then the DIV is positioned relative to the browser 2. is enclosed by the outer layer, then the DIV is positioned relative to the outer border!!!!!!! <both inside and outside the two layers must be noted: position: Absolute>!!!!!!! Three, position:relative relative position. 1. If the outer layer does not contain it, position it relative to the lower-left corner of the previous layer (character, or graphic). 2. If the outer layer contains it, the position of the upper-left corner is positioned relative to the graphic containing it.    Iv. Stratification (z-index) 1. Layered in the z-axis, it can be understood to be divided into stacks of paper, the higher the number of layers (the larger the number Z-index), the higher. (The system defaults when not labeled, and the higher the number of character layers you enter) five.     Float:left, right (Liu's layout) 1. Leave, right without giving him a position (left, top), directly relative to the browser.     If the outer is wrapped, the top left or right side of the position of the drop line relative to the outer div is displayed 2. Overflow:hidden;//scroll, showing scroll bar; Liu's layout diagram I. 1 3 5 7 8 6 4 22.1 3 5*6 4 2 (7) Less space moves down three. 1 3 5 (7) 6 4 2 separate lines are not wrapped four. 135 (7) 642 (8) When the logarithm appears, arranged by space, do not team 135 (7) 642 (8) When the logarithm appears, by space, do not team five. Translucent Effect<Divclass= "box">Transparent area<Div>The code in the style sheet is:. box{transparency: opacity:0.5; fill degree:-moz-opacity:0.5; Filter:alpha (opacity=50)}1. Transparency 0.5, fill degree 0.5, total effect becomes 4 12. When the font is contained in a Div, the font becomes translucent resulting in ambiguity. Workaround: Place the font outside the Div.                  Use Position:absolute (not included) directly according to the body fixed position. 

5.22 formatting and layout knowledge Point finishing

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