5400-turn notebook hard drive and 7200-turn hard drive gap

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The speed of the notebook hard disk is generally how much, 5400 turn notebook hard drive and 7200 turn hard drive gap how many, whether should upgrade 7200 turn solid state hard disk.

Notebook original more than 5400 revolutions of the hard drive is mostly the cost of the problem, the thermal power of the hard disk problem, high speed of the hard disk stability of the comprehensive consideration. 7200 turn of the hard disk if the long time a large number of read and write operation must be in the heat consumption of the face than the 5400 turn of the hard drive higher than a few, in addition to the battery may affect the use of some endurance time, calorific aspects need not worry.

But the performance of a notebook upgraded to a 7200-turn hard drive is very good, then is the stability, the students who have torn down the notebook know that most of the major brands of the notebook's hard drive screws are special with rubber pad screws, the purpose is to reduce the impact of the vibration on the hard drive, the higher the speed of the hard drive on the vibration of the higher sensitivity, Therefore, the 7200-turn hard drive theoretically more easily because of vibration, put a bad point of view, the actual use of the problem is not a lot.

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