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565 has been used for a long time. Now I know that the host is not complete. As a reminder for users who are preparing to buy the product. We will not doubt the entire smart machine after the purchase because of a small problem. The purchased oil can be used for communication

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With experience, you can easily share it with other people ......

▲Problem: there is no "Shift key" and it is inconvenient to "drag", "copy", and "Paste" the key.
In terms of the "Shift key", Nokia can be said to have done a very good job. Although the "ABC key" (pencil key) on s60 and other mobile phones is very "small ", however, it makes users fully aware of Nokia's achievements in the convenience of mobile phone operations. On mobile phones such as s60, in most cases of text input, you only need to press and hold the "ABC" key and then use the navigation key (direction key) to drag the text into the blacklist, then, you can use the soft key together to copy and paste this article, and use the C key to cut the paste ". In the case of 565, there is no "Shift key" like the "ABC key", whether in the address book input/edit, or in the text message input/edit, there is neither the "drag black" function nor the "copy"/"Paste" function. For scenarios where you need to cut or copy texts in batches, you can only manually re-enter the text in a "stupid way", which is troublesome. In fact, for copying and pasting, even the Siemens 6688. Sl55 phones can be used everywhere in the past few years, but the smartest phones won't.

Solution: If you need to implement these functions in "general" mode, you need to load other types of application software, that is, "system auxiliary software ". Currently, the well-known software such as xbar and imenu has been found. Now there is a crazy input method that can help pray for some purpose.

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▲In Address Book (contact) Input/edit mode, each time a text input box is entered, the input method needs to be re-selected, neither "Memory" nor "default "... ... If you want to input only one complete address book card, you have to switch the input method several times.

Solution: the input method can be automatically switched. Download: http://www.mmpet.com/forum_posts.asp? Tid = 525 & Pn = 1
▲Problem: Send Group messages
What about "multiple recipients? When the number of recipients reaches 565, each input must be switched to the address book (contact). That is to say, only one recipient can be selected at a time. "multiple recipients at a time" is not supported at all, in the process of mobile phone function development, it cannot be said that it is a kind of "regressing". Remember that some of the mobile phones launched several years ago have already begun to support "one-time multiple choice" for recipients.

Solution: when selecting the recipient with English letters in front of the most common contact, E will be at the beginning, thus saving a lot of searching work. This is the only shortcut. Detailed settings can see: http://www.mmpet.com/forum_posts.asp? Tid = 514 & Pn = 1
▲Problem: the inconvenience caused by the inability to "select multiple" is everywhere.
As mentioned above, when editing text, there is no "drag-and-drop", and the recipient cannot "select multiple" at a time. In fact, there is a lack of necessary "multiple-choice" functions in the case of 565 of the total number of recipients, the inconvenience caused to users is everywhere.
Because you cannot "select multiple" text messages/emails at a time, you cannot implement "batch processing" for text messages/emails, such as one-time transfer or deletion of multiple items.
Because you cannot select multiple files at a time in the "album" mode, you cannot batch process media files "......

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Solution: You can select multiple files in the file manager to solve the problem indirectly. The built-in manager on the CD.
▲Problem: The text message/Email folder cannot be customized (New/deleted.
In SMS/EmailProgram, Through the menu command, you can only switch between the five inherent Folders "draft", "mail", "inbox", "sent mail", and "deleted mail.
I want to set up a folder for text messages/emails. I haven't found any method yet.
There is also a menu command called "manage Folders". So far, I still cannot see how useful it is.
The "manage Folders" menu screen is displayed on the 44th page of the Manual, but there is no saying about its function.

Solution: You can move to the sender, inbox, and delete the information group. You can set the text message you do not want to delete as unread. In this way, it will not be deleted.

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▲Problem: the function of searching for phone numbers or email addresses in text messages is not available.
In this case, your friend sent you an SMS containing a third-party mobile phone number or an email address, what do you want to do if you want to save it to your address book (contacts) with a quota of 565? At present, there is only one way to switch between the text message program and the address book program repeatedly, while reading the text message, while manually entering the word for word.
However, many users who use Nokia mobile phones are very skilled in using the menu commands provided by Nokia mobile phones to conveniently get the text message content they receive, find (retrieve) the phone number or email address contained in it, and then store or update it to the address book.

Solution: you can dial out any number in the text message, so you can dial out the number and save it to the contact. Smooth and smooth.
▲Problem: no complete traffic monitoring/statistical procedures are available.
When the bandwidth reaches 565, the only program that comes with traffic monitoring/statistics is the "view timer" in the "call history. However, the middleware 565 system does not have its own GPRS traffic monitoring/statistical program.
For a mobile phone that supports GPRS data communication, there is no program for monitoring/collecting GPRS data traffic, for many users who have activated GPRS, it is very important to know the amount of GPRS data flowing in and out on their mobile phones at any time to effectively control their charges.

Solution: if you already have this third-party software, you can search for it. Because I am not surfing the Internet on my mobile phone, I have not provided it yet. Sorry.
Text messages must be classified and saved. The results cannot be moved. The practical results of ipdialing are as follows: 696. In fact, these problems are not a problem because of Microsoft's strength. Maybe they haven't noticed them yet.

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