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5g when does the network come out? Recently, 5G has become a relatively hot topic. China's IMT-2020 (5G) summit held not long ago, the "5G Vision and demand" white paper is also released; 2014 Asia Mobile Communications Expo, Bell Labs experts on the topic is 5G, recently, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute issued 5G engineer Recruitment notices. Is 5G really coming? Not so, according to the 5G timetable, the first commercial deployment in 2020, experts even predict the large-scale 5G applications to be in 2025 years.

But why is the 5G topic so hot now?

The author believes that the reasons are mainly in three aspects, one is the promotion of the development of 5G organizations, such as NGMN (Next Generation mobile network Alliance), WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum), the European Union Metis, the United Kingdom 5GIC, Japan's 2020 & Beyond Ad Hoc, South Korea's 5G forum, China's IMT-2020 (5G) and so on. Under the impetus of these organizations, the strength of the industry to 5G cohesion, at present, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Datang Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, China Mobile, DoCoMo and other successively issued a white paper on the 5G and research reports.

Second, the standard of communication industry, the strength of enterprises want to become the standard leader. With other industries before the application of the standard is different, the communications industry is to determine the standard to ensure interoperability between equipment. And each generation of mobile communication standards, the standard of the leading enterprises will have a more satisfactory return on the benefits. At present, 5G need to use the key technology is still under discussion, each enterprise is proposing their own technical solutions to obtain recognition from the industry, so as to achieve the 5G standard when the right to speak. For example, large-scale MIMO (multiple-input), NOMA (non-orthogonal multiple access), duplex technology, FBMC (filter group Multicarrier system), etc., has been initially recognized by the industry,

Third, 5G thinking in the development of feeding 4G. From 1G to 4G, the most important is the speed and coverage level of wireless networks, while 5G emphasizes the definition of network capabilities from the perspective of user experience and business implementation. Mobile Internet, M2M, IoT will be 5G of three driving force, 5G network will also be a variety of technology integration. Therefore, in addition to increasing the wireless transmission capacity to carry higher data rates, the new network architecture is also the focus of research, such as through the distributed, Flat network architecture, eliminate network traffic bottlenecks and delay, build more suitable for mobile internet business characteristics of the new network architecture. The results of these studies will certainly affect the 4G. Bell Labs recently studied two 5G technology--AGBR (Adaptive guaranteed bit rate) and Cara (Context-aware resource allocation), all in the wireless network rate is not ideal, through end-to-end optimization to improve the viewing of video user experience. These two technologies can also be applied to 4G networks.

For the current industry is keen to talk about the phenomenon of 5G, there are experts to remind, 4G network should be the focus of the moment, only in 4G to make a good user experience, will promote the early arrival of 5G.

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