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First, 5th the meaning of the moving average
1, 5th EMA is the weighted average price of the five-day closing price, corresponding to the stock price, the index of the 5th moving Average (MA5).
2, 5th, the EMA is a strong share of the lifeline , the stock price close not broken 5th moving averages can be held, 5th EMA is the attack line .
3, the short-term operation of the focus on the 5th moving average: The share price under the 5th moving average, watch empty; the stock price runs on the 5th EMA, see more.
4, the general MA5 analysis of the short-term trend, when the stock price upward break through the 5th moving average, it has the role of support line; When the stock price has broken through the 5th moving average, it has the function of the pressure line.
5, when the stock price from the bottom of the 5th moving average, represents the overall purchase in five days is a profit, when the stock from the upper and lower on the 5th average, represents the total of five days to buy is in a loss state.
6, "5th line under Yang, eyeing first Jiancang. "The formula means: the price of a certain day, if not break the 5th average, should be Jiancang sell stocks." If the stock price adjusts for a long time, the empty side energy is close to the end, in the use of the 5th EMA operating formula, but also to consider the influence of other factors, the formula can not be mechanically .

two, 5th EMA trading rules
1, Stock price away from 5th moving averages too far, that is, higher than the 5th average, that is, "5th good departure rate" too big , it is a short selling time.
① in the bull market, the general price is higher than the 5th EMA 7%-15%, belongs to the high, suitable short-term sell.
② in a bear market, the general stock price is lower than the 5th EMA 7%-15%, belongs to the low, suitable short-term buy.
2, the stock price fell, fall not broken 5th moving average, again start, is appropriate to buy.
① in a bull market, generally does not fall below the 5 average or 10th average. As long as not broken, you can combine the trend and a stock fundamentals, continue to open positions.
② in a bear market, the stock price rebound, can not break through the 5 average day line, again appear larger parabolic, when the fall, appropriate to sell.
3, if the share price falls below the 5 daily average line, the reverse pumping 5th moving average can not break through, need to beware of chasing high quilt, pay attention to sell high.
① in a bear market, if the share price falls below the 5 average day line, the reverse suction 5th moving average can not break, need to beware of chasing high quilt, pay attention to sell high.
② stock price if the rise of 5 daily average, anti-5th moving average when the fall does not break, or reverse the 5th moving average below but also stop, need to beware of kill Nadir, pay attention to the low buy back.
4. If the stock price falls below the 5 daily average, it will generally fall to the 10th EMA or the 20th EMA.
① stock price if fall to 10th moving average, 20th average stable, stock prices start again, then high-level sell chips, can be as the case of short-term back to fill, to avoid being rolled empty.
② in a bear market, if the stock price effectively up the 5th moving average, will generally be to the 10th average or 20th ema direction rise; If the rise to the 10th average, the 20th moving average near the block, the stock price again started to fall, the low-buy chips, can be sold as the case of short-term.

three, with a good 5th average, must master the eight laws of Genanvi
1, the moving average descending gradually from the downward and slightly upward, and the Span style= "color: #ff0000;" The stock price breaks through from the lower direction of the moving average to buy signals.
2, the stock price is running above the moving average, When the back of the gear does not fall below the moving average and then rises again , to buy time.
3, the stock price on the moving average run above, , for the time to buy.
4, the stock price is located below the moving average, the sudden plunge, far away from the moving average, it is very likely to move toward the average line (extremes meet, fall rebound), to buy the opportunity.
5, the stock price on the moving average running above, a number of consecutive days rose, away from the moving average more and more far away, indicating that in the near future to buy stocks profitable, at any time will generate profits to vomit the selling pressure, should temporarily sell the shareholding.
6, moving average from rising gradually flat, while the stock price from the moving average of the direction below the moving average to indicate the selling pressure gradually weight, should sell the held stock.
7, the stock price is located under the moving average line, the rebound did not break through the moving average, and moving average decline slowed, tending to the level of the downward trend, for the time to sell.
8, the stock price rebound, hovering above the moving average, while the moving average continues to fall, it is advisable to sell the shares held.

four, with a good 5th moving average, must master the principle of the application of the rate of departure of the law
1, The BIAS is a measure of the size of the stock's deviation from the average, which represents the gap between the closing price and the moving average. When the stock price deviates from the market average cost is too big, there is a return process, namely the so-called "extremes meet".
2, when the stock price is extended to a certain limit, the greater the short-term profit, the higher the likelihood of profit-taking; when the share price of the negative is extended to a certain limit, the likelihood of short-complement is higher.
3, good departure rate can be divided into positive and negative percentage of the rate of departure. If the stock price is greater than the average, then it is good to be good, and the stock price is less than the average line. When the stock price is equal to the average, the rate is zero. The higher the departure rate, the greater the short-term overbought, the more likely the peak; the higher the negative rate, the greater the short-term oversold, the more likely the bottom.
4, in the bullish market, there will be a lot of high prices, too early to sell will miss a market, can be sold at the previous high-priced positive departure rate, in the short market, will also increase the negative rate, can be in the previous low-priced negative off the point to buy. The defect of the
5, bias indicator is that the trading signal is too frequent, so it should be used in conjunction with the stochastic indicator (KDJ) and the Bollinger Bands indicator (BOLL).

v. buy time
1, Stock prices in the long run under the 5th moving average, once found that the stock price from the next upward breakthrough and standing on the 5 daily average line, but this is not the best time to follow up, you can light the exploratory intervention, the safe to patiently wait for better intervention opportunities appear.
2, due to the long-term suppression of stock prices, the first breakthrough so that the early lock-up disk to be liberated, and the breakthrough after the price of the high-rise process generated by the profit chips, will make the stock price produced a return to confirm the process. In the stock price back, as long as not falling below the bottom of the previous, not in time and bold follow-up can always hold a stake, waiting for the second rebound opportunity.
3, generally, in the bottom of a fully-poised stock, rally station on the 5 daily average line, and then back to the time is very short, generally 1-3 trading days end. As long as the stock fundamentals are good, and there are other technical indicators of support, in the process of back-pumping intervention is a better time, but the best and most secure intervention is the second time the stock price of 5 daily average line.
4, the most secure investment opportunity is confirmed by the return of the effective, and the second station on the 5 daily average line, and the volume of the big Yang line to pull up, at this time the 5th moving average upward angle, the operating trend is obvious, The likelihood of a reversal in the short term is minimal; therefore, it is relatively safe to follow up at this time.
5, short-term investment, the opportunity is fleeting, really wait until the most secure investment time to follow up, the short-term increase is not small, the risk of callback is in sight, And it's not very profitable at the stage of a high exit, unless you're lucky enough to get involved in a bull stock.

Six, the time to sell
1, the stock price runs on the 5th moving average above and with the 5th EMA continues to rise, on the way there will be washing the action, as long as the upward trend of the 5th EMA has not changed, and did not appear for two consecutive days under the 5th average under the situation, you can always hold stock.
2, once found that the trend of 5 daily average movement slowed down, and appeared for two consecutive days under the 5th EMA, the situation, it is necessary to immediately sell the stock, lock out. Do not hope that there is a 10th, 20th or 30th the support of the EMA, which will put you into a more dangerous situation, this stock of mentality and method is wrong.
1, the stock price does not break the 5th line, all the way hold is the idea. 5th Line Yang, eyeing first Jiancang. Like to operate ultra-short, first look at the 5th average line.

5th EMA--Attack line

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