[5th wave of books] 25 agile development books

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Activity Rules:

1. I recommend this post and reply to the post to explain my reasons for giving a book. One sentence is enough. Of course, there is no objection after a long time.

2. the recipient shall give back a book review with more than 500 words within two weeks of receipt of the Complimentary Book.

3. Those located on the 9th floor, 99 th Floor, 199 th Floor, 299 th floor, and 399 th floor will automatically receive one book, with a total of five books on each floor.

4. For the remaining 20 complimentary books, 20 lucky winners are randomly selected for the gift,

Activity time: 2011.07.12-2011.08.12

Book donation list:

1. "user stories and agile methods" http://product.china-pub.com/196596

2. Scrum Agile Project Management Practice http://product.china-pub.com/44689

3. Agile Software Development: Principles, models and practices http://product.china-pub.com/13569

4. http://product.china-pub.com/197645 of scrum and XP in smoke-how do we implement scrum

5. Scrum Agile Software Development http://product.china-pub.com/197153

Note: Currently, five types of books are offered. Agile Project Management (version 2nd) will not participate in this activity.

Activity address: http://www.douban.com/group/topic/21038601/

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