5.vmware of three network models "Mr.robot"

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Preface: In fact, commonly used is bridge and NAT mode, must understand, understand iptables nat mode is easy Oh "mr.robot"

Simply put,

Bridge: This is the virtual machine with your computer, or mobile phone, is a network segment

NAT: Use your computer as a router, the virtual machine is a different network segment,


One. Create a virtual machine:

A.vmware and VirtualBox

B. Mirroring issues: CENTOS6 and CENTOS7

C.vmware Network card mode:

1. Host only: Network cable and PC connection for virtual machine

2. Bridging: Virtual machines and native side-by-side relationships, network segments, (equivalent to two PCs) different MAC addresses on the Internet

3.nat mode: PC Routing and forwarding, virtual machine as a router

NAT solves the problem: the IP address is not enough, intranet mode (intranet mode),

The Vmware8 network card automatically generates an IP, binds to the host, and the virtual machine is a network, so you can connect the virtual machine

Virtual machine Internet access, is through the virtual machine's NAT device (. 2 Gateway ), converted to the host's IP address (MAC address), the outside to grab the packet, grabbed the host's Ip,vmware8 network card disabled, the machine can not communicate with the virtual machine, but the virtual machine is available to the Internet

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5.vmware of three network models "Mr.robot"

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