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So far, has done a lot of WordPress theme, there is free, but also customized, the most annoying thing is, in different browsers test the compatibility of WordPress theme. Maybe your computer has the latest version of your most commonly used browsers, but in order to test the compatibility of the browser, we have to put our WordPress theme in a different browser environment for testing.

Traditionally, you'll have to test your theme with different operating systems, virtual machines, or a different version of the browser installed on another computer, and you can imagine this is inconvenient, and there are other ways to easily test the compatibility of different browsers.

In recent years, there are many web-based services that allow developers and designers to do cross-browser testing quickly and efficiently, and here are 6 different ways to do this.

1. Adobe Browserlab Online test

Adobe Browserlab Test

Browserlab is a free service provided by Adobe, which allows users to test their Web sites online based on current mainstream browsers for Windows and Mac platforms. You can use this website to see your theme in different browsers, so it is convenient to test the Web browser compatibility. Currently support IE6, IE9, chrome18.0, Safari5.1-osx. If you use the Browserlab service, you must have an Adobe account. This is a very good service. We can use it to easily compare our WordPress theme in different browsers, and hope to support more browsers in the future.

2. Browsershots Online test

Browsershots Test

Browsershots needs to be able to return screenshots of your subject's test results in different browsers and allow you to download a screenshot of the medium image. There are indeed many browsers that can support (-;linux mac Windows) across three operating system versions of browsers. Browsershots also offers free and paid service, but the free service is rather slow, so it is not recommended.

3. Browserling Online test

Browsershots Online test

Browserling allows users to test the old and latest version of the five most popular browsers online (IE, browser, Firefox, Safari browser, Opera), but you can only view one browser at a time, and each query, the user may also change the resolution of the browser. In particular, unregistered users after querying their site, the retention of three minutes, if you want to continue to view, you have to requery, registered users to retain five minutes.

4, IETester

IETester is a free IE browser test application that runs in Windows Xp,vista and 7. It allows users to test their site across IE5.5 to IE10. This should be the most Chinese use of an IE browser test platform, the author is also using it. IETester is useful because Windows does not allow multiple versions of IE browsers to be installed on the same operating system. Unfortunately, IETester does not run on Mac OS, but it can run through a virtual machine.

Ietest because of the wider use of Chinese people, and this will no longer capture the demo.

5. Browsera Online test

Browsera can display the test results side-by-side, highlighting the differences in the Web site on each browser, and having to mention that after the test is complete, it can provide the JavaScript error collection report for each browser.

Browsera Online test

6. Testiphone Online test

If your site has a mobile version, you may want to check to see how to Testiphone on the iphone as well.

Testiphone Online test

This time, recommended a total of 6 Cross-browser Test WordPress theme method, among them, the most recommended is ietest test IE browser, Adobe Browserlab test Chrome browser. Hey, finally, the radish fish incidentally wish the big Web site in each browser's display effect is no problem, OK, this article by Radish Home Network http://www.luoboju.com Original, reproduced please specify, thank you!

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