6 Ways to Improve Listening Ability

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This method follows the imitation principle and is also one of the most effective methods in the process of language learning. There are two ways to follow the reading method: one-sentence follow-up until the entire article is read; the other is to follow the original sound to read the entire paragraph or the entire article. The latter method is very effective in grasping the overall article. Recommended. The follow-up method should be used repeatedly in the early stage. Some well-spoken articles are worth reading repeatedly until they can be memorized. Method of reading aloud: Reading aloud is a continuation of the reading method. It is best to read aloud when you think it is similar to reading. Of course, when you read aloud, the sound will stimulate your ears and brain, and the stimulation will lead to physiological changes. When you read aloud, you will find that your tongue is no longer stiff. This laid a good foundation for the future oral expression. Reading aloud can be assisted by several factors to improve reading efficiency. First, the passionate reading method. This is of course very obvious. The voice and tone, the ups and downs, and the full-body investment make full use of the participation, not only reading well, but also the effect is very obvious; the second is to hold your ears to read aloud. This is not to eliminate the noise of the outside world, but to improve the stimulation of the ears and the brain by holding your ears and reading aloud, to achieve better memory effect. Indirect reading results may lead to reciting. Reciting is also a good way to learn language. The method of Dictation: This method is learned from the process of children learning Chinese. Pupils often want to go home and ask their parents to dictate new words or sentences to him. This method of writing and listening is very effective for consolidating what you have learned. Professor Zhong Daolong in China advocates English dictation exercises. I have also made many breakthroughs in and consolidated my hearing through dictation exercises, therefore, I developed the "" very popular English learning software (I myself was interviewed by the CCTV "Internet age" topic and broadcast it on CCTV ). The software provides the ability for learners to write while listening, play repeatedly, and read repeatedly. It is a good learning tool for realizing the "English is heard" method proposed in this article. The method of using the English dictionary: it is best to use the English dictionary to query new words during the process of listening. The sooner the English dictionary is used, the better. This is not only because the English dictionary gives you the clearest interpretation of the terms (translated terms often cause misunderstandings in terms of meaning), but also because you can query the English dictionary, it makes your understanding and feeling of English more direct and does not require more Chinese-English conversion. For example, insist and persist in English. Both Chinese and English dictionaries mean "persistence". The differences between the two words cannot be seen in Chinese translation. If you query or use the English dictionary, you will understand the difference at the beginning. The explanation for insist in Longman WEB Dictionary is: to say firmly and repeatedly that something is true, especially when other people think it may not be true (although others say something is wrong, persist's explanation is: to continue to do something, although this is difficult, or other people warn you not to do it. (continue to do something, even though it may be difficult, or others advise you not to do it ). The difference between the two is obvious through the English-English dictionary. It can be seen that using the English-English dictionary as early as possible can reduce your learning detours. In this case, the English dictionary is a rare English teacher. (See "Several frequently-used English dictionaries" in the appendix) topic-based centralized learning method: This method is very effective in the process of listening. Because the materials for listening are very broad and the differences between speech quality and vocabulary are also great, it is difficult to select materials for learning. Under the guidance of the grading principle, we can use the topic-based centralized learning method to take a batch of audio files that we are interested in and related to the topic as the object of listening, and the progress is very obvious. For example, when listening to news broadcasts, some topics are repeatedly broadcast for a period of time. For example, the current Iraq war. We can use the reports on the Iraq war as the listening material for concentrated breakthroughs, in this way, we can not only concentrate on learning words related to the war in Iraq (such as names, place names, names of military weapons, and the ins and outs of the war), but also repeatedly broadcast these words, it sounds more and more familiar to you until you are deeply rooted in your mind. It can be said that this method improves the learning of words while practicing listening. So sometimes, words do not need to be memorized. When you hear more, your vocabulary is a three-dimensional vocabulary that not only knows its pronunciation, but also knows if it is used. Repetition is the best mother in memory. Repetition is a secret to improving memory performance. Reading methods to promote listening: when the process of listening training reaches a certain stage, sometimes you will feel little progress. You cannot hear it in some places. At this time, the problem may be beyond the technical scope of listening. This not only indicates that you have made progress, but it is also time for you to further improve. At this time, you can use a widely read method to solve the problem. You can read the content related to the listening materials, or use reading as an auxiliary method for listening exercises. You can read a lot of content that you are interested in, such as novels, magazines, online articles, and news reports. Reading is one of the most effective ways to accumulate vocabulary. Reading to further improve yourself, especially to increase understanding of foreign background knowledge, will in turn promote the further improvement of listening. You must know that the more you know about some knowledge, the easier your English listening skills will be. Therefore, it is very helpful for you to accumulate various kinds of knowledge. Http://www.e-say.com.cn/favour/82467690 free online English experience

6 Ways to Improve Listening Ability

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