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Recently I built a small station, in A5 such a place for a long time also know that the chain is very important to the site, so the site everywhere to find a rapid increase in the chain of methods. Toss for more than one months, the chain does increase a lot. Some methods have been used very well, some methods because the level of limited can not be copied, but see people using the effect is also very obvious. Here the author of this period of time summed up a variety of rapid increase in the chain of the way to sum up, hoping to give a piece.

One, online rapid increase of the outside chain

This is a very efficient and simple method. Online search, there are a lot of such sites, the principle is to automatically fill in a variety of webmaster tools sites related to the site, using these webmaster tools after the use of the site to leave similar to the "recent query site" such as the record to do the chain. These webmaster tools site traffic is also relatively large, search engines are also very diligent, it is easy to be a search engine snapshots, we have a chain of more than one. So, how efficient is it? The author uses an online rapid increase network chain of the site, the entire use of the process is about half an hour, the result is increased more than 400 outside the chain overnight, so far these outside the chain of Baidu snapshots most of my main station Baidu Snapshot update is also diligent, absolutely true.

Second, blog comments

A lot of blogs in the comments, can write their own web site. After making a comment, click on the user name can be completed to open the message site. A little look at the content of the blog, write the relevant comments, the name of the anchor text, Web site fill, submit, a chain is done. Some celebrity blog weight is quite high oh ~ Sometimes hit the site content and their own site content, can also be very skilled in the comments left their own web site, this time the comments must be a bit longer, leaving the site and the content of the article to be a higher degree of echo, the more weight of the big blog will not delete this comment. Some of the more professional blog will have a lot of bloggers visit, that is, will find in the comments n many blog URLs, can like to pull out a large number of carrots such as the chain of the blog, the address is almost no time to find, the efficiency is very high.

Third, Forum replies

We can find many forums where we can send out a chain of responses and take snapshots more. We pay attention to the rapid increase in the chain, the reply is relatively simple, if you do not want to use their brains in the reply to the skills of the Add URL, it may be in the user's signature with the anchor text and Web site, in many forums effective OH ~

Four, outside the chain tool software

The online rapid increase in the chain of tool software is very much, including marketing software, the principle is not to cover the above mentioned three methods. Efficiency is also very high, the author of the site with a bunch of assorted software after three days outside the chain added nearly thousand, also do not know which outside the chain tool software effect is the best, interested friends can find their own to verify.

Five, high-quality soft wen

I have written here an article, called "Xiao Yue Yue" event reflects the quality of soft text on the site outside the chain of influence, no longer a fine table. Good soft text in the appropriate place with the link, each is collected once or reprint, almost will add an outside chain,. The better the place of publication, the higher the quality of the required soft paper, the greater the chance of being collected or reproduced, a high quality soft article, which may be reproduced or collected after several years.

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