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I have been a programmer for more than six years .. I remember one of my teachers said, "I have a friend who has been working as a software engineer for eight years. I am still a programmer .... I can't afford to lose him because I saw him not talking to him ".

It is estimated that he encouraged us to earn a living in the software industry at the time .... I have been a programmer for six years and seven years... Do you still have a face to see the teacher? Will he talk to me ?.... Let's just say...

If I saw him as a teacher, will I talk to him?


I have blogs for more than five years. The number of articles is 66. The quality of the articles is 3 years in elementary school... Don't be ashamed. I deleted all the content today and started from scratch ......


I have been working in the front team for five years. Since I came, I used flash for development. Three years ago I used Ajax, two years ago I used flex, and last year I made an iPhone version of FX, for Android applications developed this year, the Web interface can be smoothly integrated with Ajax and flex ..... And I am concerned with the above technologies ..... Not at all. I still use the G1 mobile phone ..... I wonder if the four bosses I 've taken over the past five years have survived this process? My elders are also wondering why such people do not go to backyard for status? One day, the leaders of the leaders talked to me and asked me how I went to middle. Anyway, you only wrote Java code .... I'm blushing .... I thought about it the next day and replied to him: I am familiar with the front-end technology and understand the front-end logic. Stay at front... I found him blushing .... In fact, I mentioned the opposite. I am familiar with the front-end logic and understand the front-end technology .... Speechless


Whatever you say, 27 is... When I first saw a pretty girl, I called my sister ..... At the beginning, I was proud of my elder brother 21... At the beginning, I was not in line with the leaders. I always said to myself, "it's okay. You can stop it .... What about now? Think about "three feet against the wind and wet shoes in the past". Is it just the same thing ?... 6 years ago, I felt like my arm was so rough that I had the first sound. Now I wonder if I still have the second sound ?.... In the past six years, I had to pay for gambling (I didn't mention the amount of wine) and owe a debt to my ass. At that time, I told my friends that they were not wealthy, but they were always wealthy, now I really want to live a stable life. As a result, I mortgaged my house to the bank again, but I haven't paid off half of my credit card yet...


Without wealth or wealth, no night grass or fat horse .. Heng Cai did not find it. Every day, eating grass makes me grow fat.


Gambling is actually much easier than giving up smoking. Don't let yourself get stuck. Just pay for it. Hope I can stick to it. Goodbye to the forest dance .... Caution: Never touch it once. Sure you do !!! Yes !!


If we say 35 years old is the ultimate age for programmers, it is a great honor to say that I still have 8 years to live, so I have to learn things and work .... Work now

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