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01 if you want to become a website designer and build a website, you should first consider the website content, including Website Functions and what your users need. Your entire design should be centered on these aspects. 02 if a user cannot quickly access your website, or the operation is not convenient, the website design will fail. Do not disappoint users and turn to your competitor's website. 03 content optimization is the core. About two years ago, an enterprise website was like an advertisement. what's even worse is that the website uses a large number of images and it seems that it will take several centuries to download them. Chanels website (www. channels. co. UK) is successful in some aspects of the design, but the content is too greedy, and it takes a long time to find what you want, so it is not a successful website. 04 There is nothing worse than taking a long time to download the page. As an experience, a standard web page should be no more than 60 kb, and loading through a 56k modem takes 30 seconds. Some designers say that webpage loading should be within 15 seconds. 05 pay attention to the website running status during website upgrade. Hosts with good performance may run slowly as the number of visitors increases. However, if you do not want to lose visitors, you must carefully plan your Upgrade Plan. 06 adhere to the basic principles even if you do not understand the HTML language, you only need to buy a copyright WYSIWYG web design tool, such as Adobe pagemill or Microsoft FrontPage Express, you can create a website that looks reasonable. However, during the design, although these software packages do not require HTML, the website speed is reduced. To successfully design a website, you must understand how html works. Most website designers suggest that new users search for answers from HTML books and use NotePad to create web pages. 07 learn how to design websites using HTML to control the entire design process. However, if you are new to website design, you should look for a software package that allows you to modify HTML. Homesite4 is a good web design tool. During the design process, homesite4 can help you learn HTML. It also allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode so that you can preview your website before sending it to the Web. 08. Use strokes to draw a website's frame. Sage cloud: the pen is more powerful than the sword. Before using a computer, draw a website frame to show the relationship between all webpages. Plan how your users will spend the least time browsing your website. 09 "a good solution will never be found on the computer ". -Experts advise 10. website maps many designers put their website maps on their websites. This method has more disadvantages than advantages. Most visitors search for special information on the Internet and are not interested in how your website works. If you think your website needs a map, you may need to improve your navigation and toolbar. 11 "Open your eyes and pay attention to everything. Observe the least relevant things to get the best inspiration. Observe the structure and design of a site. Understand the key elements of the site structure and ensure that your design is centered around site browsing ." -- Expert advice 12: Have you heard of three click rules? For small websites, you do not have any information on your home page. You need to click more than three times. For large websites, use navigation and toolbar to improve operations. 13. Although you can use special fonts in your HTML, you cannot predict what your visitors will see on their computers. Pages that look pretty good on your computer may look very bad on another different platform. Some website designers like to use it to define features. Although you are allowed to use special fonts, Some workarounds are still needed to prevent the fonts you select from being displayed on the visitor's computer. Cascading Style table CSS helps solve these problems, but only the latest version of the browser supports CSS. 14. "Use simple and practical naming rules ." -- Expert advice 15 checking spelling with typos is an important skill in people's life. Unfortunately, many designers lack this skill. Make sure that you have the correct spelling and pay special attention to the mistakes that are easy to write by mistake. 16 avoiding long text pages having many text-only pages on one site is boring and also wastes the potential of web. If you have a large number of text-based documents, they should be placed in Adobe Acrobat format so that your visitors can read them offline. 17. Do not use rolling bars. People hate using rolling bars online. Trouble website (www. Trouble. co. uk) is a typical poorly designed website. It is based on a floating architecture. In order to read all the text, the viewer has to use a scroll bar. 18. Experts' favorite web design tools 1. adobe Photoshop 2. macromedia Flash 3. adobe Illustrator 4. adobe imageread 5. dreamweaver 6. macromedia fireworks 7. allaire homesites 8. microsoft notepad 9. macromedia Director 10. lightwave 11. macromedia freehand 12. others: Adobe Acrobat Exchange, Allaire ColdFusion, bbedit, HTML validator, etc. 19 website introduction you should have a very clear website introduction to tell visitors what your website can provide so that visitors can find what they want. However, many designers do not. Effective navigation bar and search tools make it easy for people to find useful information, which is very important to visitors. Tell visitors that what you provide is exactly what they want. 20 "Once a website is released, all the advantages and disadvantages of the website design will be published to the world. There is no way to learn more than from your own mistakes, listening to others' suggestions, and user feedback ." -- Expert advice 21: flashing makes people have a headache. Using a logo can attract visitors to the special part of your homepage, but it also makes your visitors have a headache. If you want visitors to patronize your website again, use this method less. 22 background color may also cause some problems, which may make the webpage difficult to read. You should stick to the white background and black text, and stick to the general font. 23 The forward and backward buttons should be avoided to force the user to use the forward and backward buttons. Your design should allow users to quickly find what they want. The vast majority of good websites have the same navigation bar at the same location on each page, allowing viewers to access any part of the website from each page. 24 "stick to your belief. Strictly abide by various rules. Avoid taking it for granted. Never stop learning ." -- Expert advice 25 click a counter should not be easily considered to put a striking click counter on your website. You design a website to provide services to visitors, rather than selling what you think is important. Most viewers think that counters are meaningless. They are easy to be fake, and viewers do not want to watch advertisements either. If you show how popular your website is, you 'd better provide a link to display access logs. 26. Do not use a frame like a stenographer. It is becoming increasingly popular on Web pages. On most websites, there is a frame on the left of the screen. However, the designer immediately discovered that many problems occurred when using the framework. When using the frame, it is almost impossible to display the entire website without a 17 inch display. The framework also makes the personal homepage of the website not bookmarks. Perhaps more importantly, search engines are often confused by frameworks and thus cannot list your websites. 27 remove images in the browser. Even if the image function is removed, ensure that visitors can achieve satisfactory results on your website. Visitors who use ISDN connections and turn off the image function can also obtain good webpage loading performance. You can provide additional links at the bottom of the page and use alternative text, rather than images, to meet your needs. 28 repeated use of images some websites miss the opportunity to use better techniques due to the use of a large number of non-repetitive images. When creating trademarks, using the same images multiple times on the Web page is a good method, and once they are loaded, they will soon be reloaded. 29. Avoid using too large images. Do not use images that span the entire screen. Prevent visitors from scrolling the screen to the right. 75% of screen width is a good suggestion. 30. "Do not use the show-off technique ." -- Expert advice 31 choose to use flash animation many visitors who use slow computers find that animation Icons can easily exhaust system resources and make website operations very difficult. Therefore, you should choose to skip Flash animation. 32. Use as few flash plug-ins as possible. Although many web designers believe that flash is very powerful, netscape5.0 supports flash and does not need to download any plug-ins during use. However, it is best to cancel the idea of using flash for each interface. 33. If a user needs to preview a small image and have to place a large image on the website, it is best to use the thumbnails software to display the preview effect of the reduced image version, in this way, users do not have to waste money or time downloading large images that they don't even want to see. 34. The animation and content should be organically combined to ensure that the animation and content are associated. They should be integrated with the web page, rather than dry. Animation is not just a simple accumulation of things such as Macromedia ctor. 35 be cautious with the use of sound. Inline sound is another prohibited place for web designers. Because the excessive use of sound will make the download speed very slow, and it does not bring many benefits to viewers. It may be interesting to hear the mouse sound for the first time, but it will be annoying after many times. Before using the sound, you should carefully consider what the sound will bring to you. 36. Use Java and axtivex as little as possible on the webpage. Because not every browser needs to use it, it is only needed by users of earlier versions of Netscape and explorer. In addition, Mac also has problems in processing java. Excessive use of Java causes Mac to crash. 37. website www. BMW. co. UK-the content and relevance are good. www.yugop.com-the image download is very fast. www.comicrelief.org. UK -- design simple and clear www.dreamcast-europe.com www. newsunlimited. co. UK www.newbeetle.com www.swoon.com www. viaduct. co. UK 38 use plug-ins with caution in web design. Depending on some special plug-ins, the website will be less attractive. If the visitor does not have the required plug-in, he/she will have to download it from other sites, so that the visitor may not return it. 39. If there is sound or video on the website using a famous plug-in, ensure that the user can hear or see it by using a well-known plug-in. Many sites use the QuickTime, realplay, and Shockwave Plug-ins. Because many visitors are reluctant to waste a lot of time and money downloading plug-ins that may only be used once. 40. Use advanced technologies and new technologies. The progress of web technology will never stop, so it takes some time to study new products and development technologies. 41 create your own images and sounds using the images and sounds you have created or downloaded from a commercial website. When creating a commercial website, you should spend enough money to create images to enhance the company's publicity. -- Experts advise 43. The compatibility of the platform should be considered by users. You must test your website on at least one PC and One Mac machine to see how compatible it is. 44 use software analysis tools to locate errors and use software analysis tools to check HTML. The software analysis tool doctor HTML can help you check any issues in HTML. If you have many webpages to check, you can use software analysis tools. At www.weblint.org/validation.html, you can find more efficient html tools. 45. Avoid connecting websites with other useful websites by mistake. However, if you have links on your webpage, always check them to ensure the links are valid. There may be many websites connected, but do not link to websites unrelated to your content. 46 don't send mature things to the audience to the Web if the website is not complete. All the good websites are published after the background is completed. 47. Register a website on the search engine. Anyone who finds your website has very few opportunities, unless you register your website on the main search engine. 48. Design a message board viewer who is willing to spend time on a good website, so it is best to have a message book, which will encourage visitors to return to your website again and help expand the website content. 49. A useful test is required before your website is officially released. Use the latest software when designing websites, but do not forget that people will not use the latest browsers, so take care of the previous browsers. Test all links and navigation toolbar when uploading a website. 50 "do your best to repeatedly test the website you have designed until you cannot discover new things ." -- Expert advice 51 demonstrates that a website to be released can be demonstrated before it is officially run. During the demonstration, people will tell you whether the website you designed is easy to use. 52. Only one animation can be used on a webpage. 53 "the skewed button does not look very good. It is best not to use it ." -- Expert advice 54 content organizations carefully consider the content organizations of a website before creating a new webpage. Decide what visitors want to view and then design the navigation system. 55 "Long live blank" Pay attention to leave blank. Do not fill webpages with images, text, or unnecessary animated GIFs. Even if you have enough space, avoid using it during design. 56 "Use blank space to attract attention. To attract attention, web designers use various methods, such as blinking and rotating, but using blank spaces will attract more attention ." -- Expert advice 57 image compression in order to keep a small image, you can use a program similar to the GIF wizard, which can automatically compress the image. Declare the image size first. It is best to describe the image size attribute in detail before the image is displayed. You can save this attribute in the IMG label. This makes the web page appear smooth, because the browser can display the entire web page on the screen before the image is downloaded. 58. design failure website www.boo.com -- it takes an hour to find a T-shirt on it; -- there are too many services promised to customers, but there are too few actually implemented; -- two years ago, the design level ignored the customer's needs. miniheroes. co. UK-not attractive, home site Tailei with www.saturn.com-poor design www.e13.com. -- www.song.com. -- navigate to the image size attribute 59 of yunyun, which can be saved in the IMG label. This makes the web page appear smooth, because the browser can display the entire web page on the screen before the image is downloaded. 60 user registration if you can know who browsed the website and how it browsed the website, you can get a lot of useful information. However, it is risky to ask a visitor to register before browsing the website because it will drive away a group of people unwilling to register. Another way to  is to perform prize-winning quiz or monetary rewards, so that users can enter some information feedback forms. 61. Enable the website to interact with each other and provide some tools to answer questions on the website, so that visitors can obtain interactive information from the website. 62. Images updated on websites should be replaced as often as possible. people prefer to click images instead of text. 63 it is a good interactive tool to provide game games on websites. It is a good way for visitors to patronize websites again. 64. Select a web design tool carefully. Make sure you use the software you want most and feel best about yourself. 65 if you use the latest version of the software, try to use the latest version of the web design software. You should also be authorized to perform free or cheap upgrades.

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