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As young people, we are two ways of hard work-Love and career. With a sweet love, we can provide motivation for the development of our career. A good career can protect our love, or become the capital to pursue love.


We are eager for our desired career, or earning a lot of money, or working easily, or increasing our knowledge, or making people. However, in many cases, the work we selected at first is not what we wanted. They may be a wrong road or a ladder to the final goal. The process of choosing a new job from the end of a job is unemployment.


Some people's unemployment is just a short process of expectation: "I have already been ready for my next job. After all this work is done, I will be hired at the end of my career ......"


Some people have no choice but to be unemployed: "I know that you have worked very hard and done things very seriously, but the company is currently in a bad situation and some people need to make sacrifices. You are still young, and there are opportunities ......"


Some people are impulsive to lose their job: "m d, don't talk to me about useless nonsense. Tell me who you are looking ......" Of course, it may also be long-lasting complaints.



"Tell me why you want to resign. Is it a salary problem ?"

"No, I just think that writing some scripts is not improved, and I want to learn more deeply when I am young ."

"You don't have to resign either? Are you doing this ?"

"…… I think the practice is better at work, and I also know that the current project is late, so I won't allow me to practice it. Besides, if I still have a job, it's hard to allocate time ."

"Have you found your next home ?"

"No !"

"If you want to continue, I am not reluctant to have a better chance ."

"Thank you very much, but I think it is better for me to leave first. I may need some time to review other knowledge before I can find a job ."

"You are a bit extreme, and the results may not be as you think. A safe way is to wait for the project to be completed. It may take about half a year. In this way, you can contact other users in the next project or find a job again, in this way, it may be better to have a complete project experience."

"…… I can't say how much I have improved in half a year, but I still have a few questions at this stage. I have also considered the risks. Since it is my choice, I don't think I will regret it ."


"Since you have decided, I cannot help prepare for the handover. If you change your mind, let's talk about it again ."

"Okay ."


A month later, I left this company for a year and a half. The day before I left, many colleagues did not know that I would not come the next day, only a few people simply chat. I will not have a farewell dinner as some people do. Originally, I was a relatively low-key company. Besides, I don't think it is necessary, because a project like mine is half-done, and it's not long before the people will pop up, just like a boat that stops at a dock while sailing. After a short acquaintance, they will continue their respective routes. Of course, there may be opportunities for cooperation.


I was expected to leave the company. It seems that I planned it, but I don't know when to plan it. At that time, I felt like playing games. After graduation, I should find a game development job, but the threshold was relatively high. So I found a planning job by understanding the game and learning the program. After that, I was temporarily transferred to help with the company's program and turned around to the technical route. At that time, I didn't know what it was like. I was determined to become a dedicated game programmer in year 35.


For better development, I have been working in Beijing for less than a year, but it is still limited to some interface work. But let's think about it. There are more opportunities coming soon. A year and a half have passed in a twinkling of an eye, and it seems that there has not been much improvement. Every morning, I feel that time has elapsed. I think I should quit my job and continue my plan to become a qualified game programmer.


In this way, I have been working for more than two years, but I chose to resign when I only work on the interface. So my unemployment is expected, but it is full of unknown.


Day 1st:

At half past seven in the morning, the mobile phone is singing. It is customary to brush your teeth and wash your face. After that, it seems that the time has been static for a minute ...... Why am I getting up so early ?...... But when I got up, I had something to eat and started to look for various movies online. I didn't do anything, but it was very late in the house ~~~


Day 2nd:

It was very late today. I was already asleep in the morning. When I woke up, I felt a little hungry. So I packed up and went out. Come to a nearby snack, usually come to eat at work at night, there are a lot of people, sometimes there is no seat and have to wait for a long time, and at this time I myself; people on the road are not as busy as they are at the peak of work hours. They feel that the road is so spacious that they are not in a hurry. There were not many people in the supermarket nearby along the way. They didn't have to wait in line for weekend shopping checkout. It was a kind of leisurely feeling.


Day 5th:

A variety of movies and TV series have been watched recently. Every day, I eat snacks and watch movies. The only outdoor activity I want to talk about is going out for dinner. By the way, I want to buy some snacks ~~ I have read too much, and I have been searching for the Internet for a long time to find out what I want to see.

In the afternoon, I received a message from my classmates asking if I could come back. A buddy got married. Why can't I go back? I am a unemployed traveler who wants to go back. I just recently stayed here and got bored. I went home early, so that I would not be able to buy a ticket on the 11th day.


Day 7th:

When I go home today, my parents will naturally be very happy to see me and enjoy my work. Ah, it's good to go home. You don't need to eat fast food in a restaurant. If you want to eat it, do it well. Of course, I also occasionally make some orders by myself. The entertainment activity is still watching movies. The difference is that there is TV at home, and I will also watch the unique programs on TV on the sofa: various advertisements, blind dates, and drafts, among them, news programs are the most entertaining ~~


Day 9th:

Another high school student was overjoyed today and joined several other buddies early in the morning. red packets were inevitable, but my hometown was a small town. Although it was a busy wedding season, I still could accept the costs. The wedding form is a routine. Many of them are just a pass. We just took the opportunity to get together and have some wine to hold each other.

"I heard that your kid is in Beijing? Great cities ?"

"Ah, I am a part-time employee. What's so nice? People are everywhere. The house price is huge, the rent is high, and everything goes out to the queue. Sometimes the subway bus has to rely on the body ............"

"Isn't there any security room or public rental room? It's cheap to broadcast all the news ."

"Do you believe in the new life? How happy people are in the news. Can you just stay in a rented house? If there are so many people in that place, you may not be able to successfully apply for a bid, but you may have to shake your account if you succeed. Beijing Pop lottery, Car lottery, house lottery, where do you want to marry and have children? Go to the lottery first ~~ Hahaha"

"That's good if you're still there ."

"Well, it's not good either, but there are many opportunities to deal with it. Do you think I never thought about returning to my hometown? But what do you mean? There is no cost for doing business. It is best to go to a public institution in this place. Is it okay to go in? Although living in big cities is a bit difficult, it is still a place to talk with the ability, right"

"Yes, I have done it ~~~ What are you doing to make money now ?"

"The university program is now developing games ."

"Online games? What game ?"

"Ah, my previous project was XXX, a bit like World of Warcraft. You don't know yet ."

"Oh, it's not going online yet. Can you set up an internal account or plug-in ."

"No, you may give it to you. You may not have to play Chinese online games. You have no money to play with your sister ."

"Well, too. I can't afford to pay for everything. However, you must make money for Nb"

"We can't talk about it, it's still a long time to go into the difficult phase ............"



Day 12th:

When I went to my relatives' house today, I had to inquire about my situation. I just heard that I was in Beijing and felt very promising. Then I heard that I had resigned and went home, it seems that I cannot mix up in that place. This made me feel uncomfortable, but I was not in the mood to explain it to him. Besides, at present, it is indeed an unemployment stage, and it is powerless to say anything. At that time, I felt that in this vulgar era, if you earn more money, you are successful.


Day 13th:

After a week at home, I felt that I should read books and learn something. Otherwise, I was afraid that I would waste my time having to eat, if you don't have the interface, you must learn C ++. My c ++ level is good. It's hard to learn, so I downloaded a C ++ primer online and started learning a little bit.


Day 20th:

After learning for a while, I got up at noon every day, had dinner, read books in the afternoon, had dinner at night, and went on reading books, you can see that you are sleeping at about 3 o'clock. In fact, the main thing is to look at some basic knowledge of C ++. Many of them are still very skilled when they go to school. Now they are useless, so I feel that sometimes my work will accumulate a lot of project experience, however, some things will be degraded and forgotten if they are restricted by work.

Today, I have seen more than half of them, and it is not as easy to understand a lot of things as it was in the beginning.


Day 27th:

When reading a book in the middle of the night is the most efficient, the surrounding environment is so quiet. If it is not the fan of the chassis, you may be able to hear your breath and heartbeat. From time to time, my mom came to see me at night and told me not to be too tired. I once said with emotion that I did not do this during the college entrance examination.


College Entrance Examination? Indeed, I am not very concerned about any university, and middle school is not the kind of dedicated-minded people. Even when the high school is the most nervous, Internet cafes often go there. At that time, the goal was to find a similar school, as long as it was learning computer. But now it is different. I have a clearer learning purpose and what I have learned is what I pursue. In addition, is the college entrance examination only the end of hard learning? The university is indeed fine. You don't have to go crazy to study if you don't have a subject or a scholarship. Even if I want to graduate from a prestigious school, I will develop well if I don't know how to study after employment. At least the program should be.


The best thing about reading a book in the middle of the night is quiet, and the most painful thing is quiet. Sometimes it is inevitable that they will feel too lonely. This loneliness is not accompanied by any one. Although their parents are around, they do not want to know it in many ways. Why bother them? But in this case, I really need some motivation, either my sleeping girlfriend or my friends who are working together. What I can motivate myself at this time is my goal at graduation: To become a qualified game programmer.


Day 31st:

My former colleague called me. She just graduated from the company after I decided to leave the company and took over what I did before. She asked her how to implement some interface functions. I gave her a detailed description of the implementation method. After that, I simply chatted about my work. After I left, she was involved in all the work. The pressure seemed to be great. This was because she knew that I could handle so many tedious jobs well, how powerful is frequent communication with planning. Suddenly I felt a sense of presence at work. Ah, it seems that it is idle for too long and should be back to work.

I read a bunch of C ++ theoretical knowledge and don't know how much it will help me. But at least I have started to take some actions. This is the most important thing. I also know that the most effective way to learn programs is practice, but it is not allowed in time. I hope to find a job a year ago and then go home for the Chinese New Year. Now it seems that it is time to go back to Beijing, so that you can continue to study while looking for a job.

I bought a ticket at the station in the afternoon and will go back tomorrow.


Day 33rd:

When I first came back, I packed up my room and met a few colleagues online. Some of them had changed their jobs after a simple chat. I also thought that I should look at the recruitment information, so I checked the relevant positions according to my development direction and found myself very embarrassed: for the gaming client, it requires C ++ basics, not to mention windows programming knowledge, understanding of design patterns, and even d3d graphics knowledge ...... The server is also familiar with database and network programming. Relatively speaking, my current level is too limited. I have two years of work experience, but now I really feel that I don't know anything.

However, knowledge is learned, and experts are also developed from cainiao. All you can do is continue to learn. Considering that you will face a written examination when looking for a job, the data structure must be tested. Well, you should first start with the data structure. By the way, you can simply use the C ++ language.


Day 42nd:

Recently I have read a lot of theoretical knowledge: the design model, a simple understanding of what the design model is for, how to classify, the specific use of the first will not be detailed study; network, the same, let's look at some basic concepts and how to use several APIs. In Windows programming, a bunch of conceptual things are inserted into the head, and I know that my mind is like memory, if not, these items will be released in a few days. But there is no way. I want to write my resume when I look for a job. I can't write anything. I only write a few words: Understand C ++, and some scripts are gone? Who will read this resume?


Day 50th:

Today, I finally decided to stop looking at the hard-pressed theoretical knowledge. Of course, I didn't decide to do things and practice. Now, when I do this, I will wait until next year, if I have mastered these theories, it may be the end of the world in 2012. I don't want to lose my job and destroy the Earth. So I decided to write my resume.

In fact, I am still very good at writing my resume, Because I generally write my resume from the perspective of my resume, and I know what they care about. In addition, I know how to highlight my advantages and reduce the disadvantages. Integrity is naturally necessary. The true content of your resume is basic, but the language is rich. It depends on how you use it. I usually write my resume for a long time and often modify a sentence repeatedly. This is necessary for me now. If your technology reaches a certain level, you will naturally not rely on it, A random write point may be caught by a headhunter.


Day 52nd:

In the morning, I received a call from a headhunter. I used to know about me and chatted briefly. After knowing that I have no C ++ experience but want to transform, he may find it difficult. After that, I would like to say a few simple words to help me pay attention to it. Naturally, I don't care too much.

I know my situation and I don't know much about my graduation. My two-year work experience is quite difficult. From the perspective of the employer, What is the price? Of course, as long as you have a thick face, I can still invest in any company. There is no loss, right. Therefore, my plan is to start from a large company, so that the project may not be so tight and easy to understand. In addition, I jumped twice. Now, if the environment permits, I plan to find a better place to work for a long time. It's so good that we can't get it. We should gradually drop the archive and eventually find the right one.

When I found it, I first invested in four companies.


Day 53rd:

Today, I received a lot of phone calls for a test interview. There are about five or six. It is strange to say that most companies have never heard of them. Only one company is one of the four I have invested in. I thought, maybe the headhunting team helped me contact you. You can go back and try again. I tried to ask and found that he didn't contact me for the time being. If you have a written test interview, you can check it out. This is another way of learning.


Day 54th:

I went to the interview for the first time in the near future, but I was not nervous. I went to a large European and American company. At two o'clock P.M., I registered at the front desk and received a meeting room for my questions. A look at the exam, ah, all the words are in English, patience to read the instructions, that is, try to answer questions in English. I know that the English level is poor, but it doesn't matter. At least I can understand what the question is. I should read the question first. Then I answered the question for a while and suddenly got a call from another company. I took a look at the schedule and was full of work recently. I took a look at the current time less than three points, so I took a look at it at about half past three, and then handed in a volume to another one in a hurry.

This company is mainly engaged in operation, and R & D is only a supplementary component. The Technical Director of the company is temporarily absent. After waiting for a while, it seems that he cannot return, so the boss directly performs an interview. Although he does not do the technology, he still understands the technology. It may be because the previous written test made me feel a little emotional. During the interview, I always spoke directly. I explained my situation, and then expressed my strong attitude that I would definitely need to do something C ++. I don't want to write the Interface script any more. Finally, the other party's condition is that I can write the logic related to c ++ and then complete some interface work. I thought about it and agreed.


Day 55th:

In the morning, I got up and opened my mailbox. I wanted to check my schedule. I suddenly found that the company had sent an offer yesterday afternoon and replied within three days. I recalled my company project, considered my work, and finally looked at the company's geographical location. It was really far away from my location and it took me two hours to get through the subway. Ah, I want to come and have more than 10 written interview arrangements in the future, and finally I will give up. However, I did not reply immediately and thought that I did think about it two days later.

In the morning, there was still a phone call notification for the test interview. What's more strange was that an insurance company called me and said what sales manager I was applying for. I also said that my resume was suitable! Where is this? This made me more and more strange how to contact me, and felt that it had completely disrupted my previous plan to start with a large company. Finally, I found the reason on the recruitment website. After I wrote my resume, I managed my resume. In this way, my resume will be automatically sent to my website every day ~~ Look at the recent calendar. I decided to close it for a while, or there would be no time for further notifications.

In the afternoon, I went to another one of the four companies I selected. I didn't know what I was thinking at the time. I actually invested in server-side development. Well, I don't know about the network. The company is not very close. It is also a standard process, registration, written examination, and interview ~~ I answered the questions very quickly. The questions are divided into three parts: the first part of the C ++ basics, the second part of the operating system and network, and the third part of the various game development issues. The answer is faster because I will be the first part. Not to mention the interview, after the recipient frowned and looked at my answer. I felt that there was no hope, so I told myself that the communication room could feel that the other Party appreciated me, including the experience of playing games, however, it is hard for C ++ development experience to hurt him. The other person is really good. I gave me some suggestions, and I am very grateful to say that I have the opportunity to contact me.


Day 63rd:

Recent interviews are tiring. I run around every day, answer pen questions, interview, etc. I went to four or five companies and sent my resume from my website some days ago. I have all my positions and I don't want to make any Interface scripts, or the flash as program, I am not saying that the as program is not good, maybe it is because I like to use C ++ at first, but work is as, so I have never liked to do. But this is often the case. The more you don't want to do it, the more advantageous it is. This is usually the case when I go to the interview interface program or as development:

"Your work experience is good ."

"I want to engage in C ++-related development, logic, or servers. Maybe I don't have the experience in this field, so I will be slower, however, I am confident that I can quickly learn and adapt to my work."

"Do You Want To Do C ++ without such experience ?" (He couldn't understand. He thought I was crazy)

"Yes, my work has always been mainly about interface-related logic. I still want to get in touch with more things ."

"The difference between languages is actually not very relevant. You can also practice basic skills if you have to write scripts all the time ." (I have been practicing for more than two years)

"Well, maybe you don't think the language is quite relevant in terms of logic. I have been playing games for two years and I don't want to be confined to interface work. If I want to do the client graphics, although I want to learn d3d, C ++ is obviously a necessary condition. Similarly, if it is the server direction, the network or server architecture also requires the knowledge of C or C ++. It will certainly not be done by a person who only writes scripts, will it?"

"......" (I don't know if he believes it or not, but I always believe it)


I also have my own experience. During the interview, I deeply realized how hard it is to do Interface scripts without C ++ experience, this is usually the case when I interview C ++ development jobs:

"Have you two and a half years of work experience ?" (Do you have a house ?)

"Well, I am mainly engaged in interface logic work ." (One room and one hall, still repaying loans)

"Oh, are you familiar with C ++, object-oriented knowledge, and data structures ?" (You have a car ?)

"Yes, the system has learned the relevant knowledge, but has no development experience. I cannot say how familiar I am ." (The bicycle is still being repaired when it hits a tree a few days ago)

I am a little numb. This afternoon, I interviewed three departments, five positions, two written examinations, and five interviews in a company, I met three HR staff and a supervisor for five hours. At last, I was exhausted, tired, and hungry. Although the answers to the written examination may be good and the answers to the interview questions are acceptable, they are basically the above cases.

In the evening, it was very late to go back. I took a look at my mailbox and sent an interview notice from seven or eight companies. I checked my schedule for tomorrow, the positions of the two companies are all interface or as-related, so it is unnecessary to reply politely and inform them that they cannot get down. I just want to do some C ++ related work. Is it true that I am wrong? If you want to work on servers or non-interface clients, you can only do C or C ++ from graduation? Now, I am sorry that I didn't have enough support when I graduated. I did everything. Why didn't I find a C ++ job. You have to choose an alternative mountain road, plan it first, and then go to the interface. Now you want to do more in-depth work. Ah ~~


Day 64th:

Today's interviews have all been pushed away. Yesterday was too tired, and I began to doubt my choice in the past few days. But from another perspective, it turns out that I am not satisfied with writing Interface scripts. I sat in the room and asked myself quietly:

What exactly do you want to do?

Naturally, it may take two to three years for a qualified game development programmer, server, or client graphics.

So what do I need most now?

It is a transformation, a language transformation, and a job transformation.

What kind of company is suitable for me?

First, gaming companies have low thresholds, or projects are not very tight enough to allow me to adapt. This is not the case for some large companies. Pay-as-you-go is enough. It is best to stay close so that I have enough time to study and can often study or work in the company.

Finally, I checked it in my mailbox and rejected all non-conforming companies, leaving only one company ~~~


Day 65th:

Today, the interview for this company is the last one in my mailbox. If it fails, I can only re-develop my job search plan and even reconsider my development direction, I will not look for a job until last year.

In the afternoon, I took a bus half an hour in advance, and the bus arrived at the 3 station. If there was no traffic jam, it would be 10 minutes. It was really close. Without a written examination, I will go to the interview after registration. I think the interview process is still smooth. Basically, I just want to answer some questions and understand the situation. With my previous experience in interviewing companies, I am also more direct. In fact, I am trying to express my attitude more often. A strong attitude: I can do these jobs. That's enough. As for my work experience, you can serve as a reference for personal qualities. After that, the company's senior management also briefly told me about the company's situation: a startup iOS game company. At that time, I was not very concerned about iOS or traditional game companies, as long as I was not allowed to write scripts.

After I went back, I had a brief chat with a few of my colleagues. I learned from their introduction that IOS seems to have been developing well. I thought I could just go here if I could. It should be the most appropriate for me now.


Day 66th:

The fog dispersed outside, and the sky was clear.

At ten o'clock A.M., I received a notification from the company yesterday that the interview had passed. Everything was simplified and I could report to you the day after tomorrow. So after more than two months of unemployment, I will have a new starting point. As expected, I found a job suitable for myself and explored a brand new unknown field. Although it is inevitable that I will face some difficulties, but I know that I am sailing on the right road ~~~

In the end, I also hope that people who are unemployed like me or who are facing employment can find a job suitable for me as soon as possible. I believe that sticking to the right direction will not stop us from moving forward, but will always reach the other side of success!


Hoist the colours! Our world is wide!

Reprinted please indicate from: http://blog.csdn.net/zhao_yin

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