67. Use of ulimit

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Set or get the shells resource usage limits

Ulimit [Options] [limit]


①-A displays all current resource limits.

②-C size: SetCoreThe maximum value of the file. Unit: Blocks

③-N size specifies the maximum number of files that can be opened at the same time

④-L size: set the maximum value of the locked process in the memory. Unit: KB

⑤-M size: set the maximum value of resident memory that can be used. Unit: KB

⑥-S size: set the maximum value of the stack. Unit: Kbytes

7.-T size: SetCPUThe maximum usage time. Unit: Seconds

Bytes-V Size: sets the maximum value of virtual memory. Unit: Kbytes

3. Example

1) ulimit-s 262140 // set the maximum value of the stack to 256 m , the default value is 10 m

Pass/Etc/profileOr/. Bash_profileTo make the system remember this value.

Source/root/. bash_profile

/Etc/security/limits defines these values

2)Ulimit-u 10000 //Maximum number of processes of a user

3)Ulimit-N 4096 //Set the number of files that each process can open4096

4) it is recommended to set other settings to unlimited (Unlimited) Are:

①Data Segment Length:Ulimit-D Unlimited

②Maximum memory size:Ulimit-M Unlimited

③Stack size:Ulimit-s Unlimited

④CPU time:Ulimit-T Unlimited

⑤Virtual Memory:Ulimit-V Unlimited

⑥Core File SizeUlimit-C unlimited/size


file cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern/ record the current core file location, core the current directory.

5) PassUlimitYou can restrict the resources of processes and users respectively. Many applications need to impose a general limit on the resource usage of the entire system. At this time, we need to modify/Proc.

/ProcThe directory contains many parameters in the current state of the system, such/Proc/sys/kernel/pid_max.

4,CLanguageUlimit,Get and set user limits.[5]



【2] More parameter descriptions



【3] Explains several application scenarios


【4] Cited many Application Instances


[ 5 ] http://linux.die.net/man/3/ulimit

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