7-Step solution that the Oracle Listener service cannot start

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A, connect the host string, said no listener svrmgr> connect INTERNAL/ORACLE@ORCL; Ora-12541:tns:no Listener svrmgr>

Second, run the listener, said address of the protocol dedicated component specifies incorrect C:>lsnrctl lsnrctl for 32-bit windows:version on 1 April-March-2003 14:17:51 (c) Copyright 1998, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Welcome to LSNRCTL, please type "help" for information. Lsnrctl> Status Connection to (Description= (address= (protocol=tcp) (Host=robust) (port=1521))

TNS-01103: The protocol-specific component of the address specified incorrectly

Tns-12541:tns: No Listener

TNS-12560:TNS: Protocol Adapter error occurred

TNS-00511: No listener 32-bit Windows error:61:unknown Error lsnrctl> start Tnslsnr: Please wait ...

Failed to start service, error 3.

Tns-12536:tns: May Hinder *

TNS-12560:TNS: Protocol Adapter error occurred

TNS-00506: * Make possible block 32-bit Windows Error:997:unknown error lsnrctl> Three, start the service in Control Panel with the following error service: Cannot start on the local computer oracleorahome81t Nslistener service. Error 3: The system cannot find the specified path and the path to the executable file for the Oracleorahome81tnslistener service is empty. Iv. Enter the registry to modify the ImagePath to perform Regedit entry into the registry to Hkey_local_ at the run place Machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicesoracleorahome81tnslistener found ImagePath key value No, add him, select Expandable String value, edit string numeric data is: F : Oracleora81bintnslsnr exits the registry.

Five, start the service again, service start normal

Six, start the listener

C:>lsnrctl lsnrctl for 32-bit windows:version on 1 April-March -2003 14:42:10 (c) Copyright 1998, 1999 , Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Welcome to LSNRCTL, please type "help" for information.

lsnrctl> start TNS-01106: The Listener with Name listener has started

Lsnrctl> status is connected to the status-------------(description= (address= (protocol=tcp) (Host=robust) (port=1521)) LISTENER -----------alias LISTENER version Tnslsnr for 32-bit windows:version tion start date 1 April-March-2003 14:40:15 normal operating time 0 Day 0 hours 2 minutes 6 seconds trace level off security off SNMP off listener parameter file F:oracleora81networkadminlistener.ora listener log file F:oracleora81networkloglist Ener.log Service Summary.

Plsextproc has 1 service handlers ORC2 has 1 service handlers ORCL has 1 service handlers ORCL has 2 service handler command execution Success lsnrctl>

Seven, and then to connect, successful svrmgr> connect INTERNAL/SYS@ORCL; The connection was successful.

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