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What is 777 permissions?

777 permission refers to the current user can read, write and perform the operation of the corresponding file, we build the station, some users do not have a folder 777 permissions, may cause the site error, can not be normal execution. For example: The Web site's cache folder, is certain to need 777 permissions.

  How do I set the permissions for a folder to 777?

This problem is divided into two different situations, one is the Linux operating system, the other is the Windows operating system.

  1, the Linux operating system to set 777 permissions steps:

Note: Just modify the directory attribute of the required file permissions to 777

Step one: Open the file on the virtual host with the FTP tool, select the folders and files you want to modify => "right" => "Properties"

Step Two: Change the number in the "permission" item to "777", OK (if your account has permission to modify the file properties)

Note: If some files require 777 permissions for their subfolders, then you also need to select Apply changes to all subfolders and files.

  2, the Windows operating system to set 777 permissions steps:

Note: Windows Server only needs to read and write properties to the appropriate file IIS Guest account, noting that Windows servers must modify permissions on the server, Windows Virtual host users do not have Modify permissions

Step one: Select the folders and files you want to modify => "right" => "Properties" => "Security"

Step Two: Click the "Add" button to get the interface shown in the following figure:

Step three: Point "advanced" button

Step four: Click the "Find Now" button

Step five: Find the user who starts with IUSR_ from the search results click "OK"

Step Six: Then click "OK" button

Conclusion: From the above steps, we can see that the Linux Setup method is much simpler than Windows, but in Windows Apache generally do not need to set 777 permissions, only IIS need to set permissions.

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