8 Classic Cool HTML5 Canvas animation appreciation

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HTML5 is very powerful, especially the application of canvas technology, so that HTML5 can achieve almost all the effects of flash. This article selected 8 classic cool HTML5 Canvas animation appreciation, each provide all the source code, hope to help you.

1, HTML5 canvas can be dragged elastic tree swing animation

Today let's continue to share a cool HTML5 animation, it is based on the HTML5 canvas of the Big tree Swing animation, the HTML5 animation feature is that we can drag and drop branches, so that the whole tree sway, so that the real simulation of the tree from the swing to the static process, quite lifelike.

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2, HTML5 Canvas waterfall animation Super Lifelike

This time we are sharing a cool HTML5 canvas waterfall animation, waterfall animation is very lifelike. The whole waterfall animation is like a stream coming out of a rock seam, and then flying down a cliff, it works very well.

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3, HTML5 Statistical chart data initial animation

We've already shared a lot of HTML5 charts, such as this HTML5 canvas line chart and column charts are more classic. Today is also a HTML5 chart, the statistical chart is characterized by the initialization of the chart data will appear cool animation effects, especially the ring percent application will also appear as a percentage of dynamic updates.

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4, HTML5 canvas picture mosaic blur Animation

Often can be on the Internet or television to see the mosaic blurred picture or video, today we have to use HTML5 canvas technology to achieve the mosaic blur effect of the picture. In the demo we can drag pole to set the level of mosaic blur, you can observe the image after the mosaic of different values of the effect. HTML5 is indeed very powerful.

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5, HTML5 canvas cool flame Storm animation

Using HTML5 technology, we have achieved a lot of flame animation effects of HTML5 applications, especially with canvas collocation, such as HTML5 dynamic flame combustion animation effects and HTML5 canvas Flame jet animation effect. This time brought to you is a HTML5 canvas based on the flame Storm animation effects, change the animation effect is like falling flames from the sky, the flame storm gradually spread to the whole canvas.

Online Demo Source Download

6, HTML5 Canvas to realize the application of Sketchpad Doodle animation

Remember before we shared a HTML5 canvas Sketchpad tool, you can switch different brushes, the function is very powerful. This article today to share a new based on HTML5 Canvas Doodle animation application, the function and the previous similar, but added back and empty the artboard operation, the idea is basically similar.

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7, HTML5 dynamic Flame combustion animation effect

This is a HTML5 based on the super-dazzle animation effects, is a dynamic flame combustion animation effect. This HTML5 animation flame burns very lifelike, before we have shared some other HTML5 flame combustion animations, such as: HTML5 canvas flame combustion animation and pure CSS3 to achieve lighter flame animation. HTML5 animations such as these are generally based on canvas, and today's is no exception.

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8, HTML5 canvas radiation animation

This is a HTML5 canvas based on the radiation animation, the idea of this animation is also relatively simple, first, according to the mathematical graphic formula to construct the path of radiation, and then use HTML5 to draw the ray on the canvas, and on the ray to draw a random color, So the whole ray pattern looks colorful.

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