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Whether browsing the Web or shopping, people tend to be alert when using the Internet. Credit card fraud and identity theft have been rife, making it harder for Web sites to gain the trust of users.

But that doesn't mean you can't get the user's trust. You can use a number of visual symbols to build user trust, improve user conversion rate.

  1. Service Identification

If your site offers a refund, or warranty service, you can use the appropriate logo and tag to alert the user. For example, if you provide a one-year warranty, you can give it a gold or silver mark on the page.

Usually you can place it next to the "Buy Now" button, which can increase the credibility of the site. For this sign, gold is often the best choice because it maximizes product quality; Red is the color that should be avoided because red means danger and stop, just like the red light gives us. Whatever color you choose, it should be contrasted with the main color of your Web page, like the blue and orange contrasts in the example above.

2. Customer Identification

Nothing is more persuasive than your previous work experience, and if you have a track record of your past accomplishments it will increase your chances of getting new results. It's a good way to get the trust of new customers by showing a lot of your former customers ' satisfaction with your work.

On the other side, when business owners see that you've done a lot of well-known, successful cases, they will increase their desire to find you to improve their products. A constant truth--most companies focus on the industry's best, and want to replicate their success patterns.

  3. Payment identification

No one wants to be a victim of credit card fraud and identity theft, so if you sell your product on your website, you should let your users see the payment ID, which will make them feel relaxed and reliable. Increasing the payment identification is a good way to build customer trust.

If your site offers secure payment services, such as PayPal, the world's largest online payment platform, you will be trusted by users. You should put the PayPal logo next to the payment button and the checkout page, which will help you build trust and reduce the chances of customers dropping their payments. If the site can show that the product has been approved by the Commercial Services Authority, it can also increase the sense of trust.

  4. Influential pages

This may not seem to be necessary, but it helps to boost customer trust and resonate with new and old customers, and it does improve the customer's adherence to the site. People often do not want to buy products from the anonymous electric dealer's website, but they have contact with the industry leader.

When you correctly set up a related page, you have put a label on your site. Adding personal style to your site will make you and your site more approachable, and make new customers more willing to buy your product. If you have a complete team, show your team photos and write out the skills of your team members so that your customers know who they are working with in the future to increase their sense of trust.

 5. Image Display

People prefer face-to-face business discussions to negotiating on the web. Increasing the personal style of the site can be good for building customer trust. If you can see your image, customers will be more willing to believe what you say.

Not only that, the display of your image can also make your site easier to identify, increase customer trust. It's hard to build trust and authority if people's photos on the site don't have a corresponding name.

Displaying a professionally photographed photo can tell your visitors-your site is very trustworthy, and the variety and quantity of goods is very complete. Not only does this make your site more popular, but for visitors, the memory of the face tends to be more profound than the memory of the word narrative.

6. Using social platforms

You may use a social platform every day, but you may not be aware of its potential strength. Having decent social media attention can be a testament to the credibility and success of the site. It is also a good way to build a customer's trust by demonstrating the strong social credentials of the site.

When visitors see 10,000 users on Facebook, it makes him feel that the site is very believable. Not only do Facebook have a number of official accounts, but there are huge numbers of fans in these sites. These sites have been on Facebook for a long time, and they also send useful content and information over time, and they will run in the future.

Social platforms also appeal to us-we don't want to lag behind people at the speed of information acquisition. What kind of people and companies do you focus on on Twitter? You might be more interested in paying attention to the more popular and recommended ones. Making good use of social platforms can definitely increase your company's credibility.

 7. Past Cases

This is the most direct way to make your products and services believable. If you can show you a lot of documented customer quotes and a number of supported businesses, these can prove your product quality and break the wall of suspicion that new customers may have when browsing the web.

Many people have a "sympathetic" state of mind, and it is important to provide reliable information in the past. When you show some of the problems you've solved, some of the people who are now being bothered by this problem will be very sympathetic and will become very interested in using your product. When they recognize a past case on your site, they recognize your product and buy it. Who doesn't want such a quick deal on the site?

8. Useful information

When you provide useful information, such as tips, instructions, or catalogues, the user's trust is increased. If you take the time to make some of the free, trustworthy, useful tips that they need, they'll be happy to read them later when you push some messages to them. At the same time, you should build trust, authority and professionalism for your site in the industry. In the following example, the provider provides several useful guidelines to help site visitors understand different markets.

This method also lets them know that you are not a person pursuing a quick deal. Provide effective information to establish a link between the website and the visitor. If you regularly update this information, it will become more and more handy. Maybe the first, second, or third visitor will not buy the product on your website, but by the tenth person, there will be a success. You have to remember a key thing--a lot of business is done to keep in touch with customers. The long-term development of the enterprise is maintained by the old customers.

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