[9 days teach you south Cass 9.1] 12 road section Earthwork Calculation

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Earthwork calculation plays an important role in earthwork and is an important part of engineering design. The earthwork volume is an important basis for Vertical planning or adjustment, and is directly related to the project cost. Therefore, when calculating earthwork, we must be realistic, keep improving, and be realistic. Earthwork calculation is a key link in the internal processing of earthwork measurement. Common methods include DTM method, cross section method, square grid method, and contour method. They have their own characteristics and have different advantages and limitations, select different calculation methods as needed. The South cass9.1 is also a commonly used computing software. It is easy to operate, versatile, efficient, fast, and accurate.

In this lesson, we will learn Cass9.1The Section Method in the software is used to calculate the earthwork volume.

The basic principle of earthwork calculation by section method:

The Section Calculation Method earthwork calculates the earthwork volume based on the ground cross-section line and the design cross-section line of the actual measurement of each mileage in the profile, and obtains the cross-section excavation area of each mileage, the earthwork volume is calculated based on the distance between the adjacent two horizontal sections, and the earthwork volume between the two adjacent cross sections in the profile is summarized, and the calculation table of earthwork volume is drawn.

Calculation steps of earthwork volume by road section method: Step 1: draw contour lines by area modeling Step 2: delete a tin, draw a line by using PL composite line, and generate a mileage File

Job process: Project Application → generate mileage file → generate profile line → create (in this case, the command bar will prompt you to select the profile line, then select the prepaid compound line) → generate (generate the mileage file [. HDM] and mileage data file [. dat]). The mileage data file is the coordinates of the mileage and cross-section points. Format: Point, section, Y, X, h

Step 3: generate a Vertical Section

Workflow: Engineering Application → cross-section earthwork calculation → Road Section (select parameters) → select the vertical and cross-section positions on the drawing [click the mouse on the drawing, note the prompt in the command bar] Step 3: Calculate the earthwork quantity: Ta ---- wa ---- excavator workflow: project Application → cross-section earthwork calculation → drawing earthwork calculation → generate earthwork quantity calculation table [generate graph and generate EXCEL, similar to generate the results table of]

The cross-section design file mentioned above is used to enter the known elements of the cross-section design, which can be generated by the parameter file menu of the road design file. The file format is as follows:

Section No., H = middle pile design elevation, Zi = 1: Left Slope, YI = 1: Right slope, ZW = left width, YW = right width, A = cross slope rate, ZC = left Super High, YC = right super high, ztg = left single slope height limit, ytg = right single slope height limit, zwh = left slope width, ywh = right slope width, zi2 = 1: Left Level 2 slope, yi2 = 1: Right level 2 slope, zsl = left Level 2, YSL = right level 2, zwg = left Level 2, YWG = right gully top width, zdg = left gully bottom width, ydg = right gully bottom width, zhg = left gully height, yhg = right gully height



This lesson is here! Thank you!

[9 days teach you south Cass 9.1] 12 road section Earthwork Calculation

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