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A Web application or software will inevitably have a bugs in its development process, so the bug tracking software is particularly important in the development stage.

Whether you are alone or not, you can use the bug tracking software to save a lot of time. The following are nine free and open-source bug tracking software we recommend for you:


Webissues is an open-source issue tracking and team collaboration application. It has two parts:
Server: a PHP-mysql-based server for data storage, notification, and sending
Client: a desktop application that connects users to the server (Windows and Linux are supported)




Etraxis is a PHP bug tracking system that allows you to customize the number of process templates without limit. It supports the following databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.




Bugzilla is a Web-based general software bug tracking tool that was initially developed and applied by the Mozilla project. It can establish a complete BUG Tracking System for you, including reporting bugs, querying bug records and generating reports, handling and solving, administrator system initialization and setting.


TRAC is a bug tracking system integrated with subversion source code management system, wiki Information Sharing System, and BTs Bug management system. It is developed using python.


Mantis bug tracker

A web-based free bug tracking system written in PHP, which supports databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ms SQL.
Mantis has multiple hieararchy layers: Projects> sub-projects> categories> bugs. If you have the permission, you can access it. This application integrates wiki, chat, RSS feeds, real-time tracking, etc...




Bugnet is an open-source ASP. NET bug tracking tool for various project management software.


The bug genie


The bug genie is a Web-based Error Tracking software designed to simplify its use, but it also provides more advanced features for developers and administrators.


Issue tracker by ASP. NET


This application allows you to create project, project member, and project member permissions. Supports MS Access and ms SQL.


Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible defect tracking system. The Support Team can use it to track new technical support requests. The software development team can use it to quickly organize tasks and bugs. Eventum has been used by the MySQL AB Technical Support Team and helps them increase the response time.


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