90% traffic from the search engine why or the garbage station

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Baidu a bit of "spam site", the result of the garbage station is divided into 2 kinds of users think of the garbage station, one is the industry think of the garbage station, of course, I engaged in the Internet for 3 years since the view of the garbage station is no potential, not sustainable profitability, and other major factors to determine. Today I would like to talk about the "90% flow from the search engine, why or garbage station" we analyze from a variety of aspects, hoping to make a friend of the station to do some inspiration.

(Figure one is a case site Baidu Statistic flow chart)


(This graph is the traffic statistics website of the above chart)

From the above two pictures can be seen the site 90 traffic from the search engine, daily average IP: In 12000 pv:18000 jump rate: 80% User access time: 1.3 points from this data can be summed up, why 90% flow from the search, can be IP:PV the proportion of 1:2 no, We do know whether the site is entertainment station, industry station PV:IP also determines the quality of your site content page, so low PV that users can be turned off, so I will be from three aspects of this site analysis.

Guess one: content is not what the user needs, from the above picture data analysis, user access time IP PV completely not proportional. Imagine a search engine searching for a keyword, then get results open the site, the user found that is not what I find, it will definitely immediately close the Web page, so the content of our site must meet the needs of users, so that visitors find valuable content of our site will be long.

Guess two: Too many web ads, the author through small data, website type, search find, found that the site ads pop-up ads 3, access to the site will play a window, click on the content will pop up a window, and there are clicks, rich media ads, such a site so low user experience degree, How is it possible to retain users? A lot of stationmaster especially traffic station will think, advertisement one more my income will be a little more, anyway do is to earn a little bit of business, in fact, there is such an idea in your future will not make a good station, will not do an excellent site, has been wandering in the small farmers thought of the garbage site, this please webmaster remember!

Guess three: Only optimize regardless of typesetting, not to say that, this station optimization level is indeed worth learning, 90% of traffic from the search is also not easy, but from the messy pictures, articles, typesetting more to say is that you completely ignore the visitors, ignoring your food and clothing parents, because the visitors are your most direct food and clothing parents, No traffic, no popularity can bring the display of the Alliance ads. So regardless of SEO technology are cattle, the site can not keep the trust of users that is also a waste of energy. So we have to keep in mind of the Webmaster optimization colleagues do not ignore your food and clothing parents!

These analysis conjecture, let oneself also suddenly realize, I still wandering in the garbage station, as a webmaster I This may also do not succeed in the cause of it, but also let oneself in endless reflection, how the station can go farther, how the flow is the most valuable? What kind of crowd is the most authentic user? All of these questions, I understand only do users need to have a viscosity of the station is the most valuable station, whether the flow of garbage or industry stations, only to provide users with the most valuable services, then you are the best site. So here I also change the point of view, for small stationmaster, we do not have capital big project, completes a small subregion, you can also make very big achievement. Write this article today is mainly to do their own station, and peer friends of the station an analysis of the summary, my writing is limited, some views belong to the independent opinion, but also please forgive me!

This article A5 the first, belongs to the Hunan satellite TV Live net www.yiyigui.com stationmaster to write, reprint please specify the source, thanks! Finally, I wish you all the money in 2013, the flow of hair

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